A game-changing integration for SpecPath reps to turn quotes faster than ever

If you’re a rep that’s subscribed to SpecPath, you’re a fan of time-saving features. If you’re ready to start working even faster, SpecQuote is the integration you’ve been waiting for.

Faster Quoting Without Manual Entry

SpecQuote securely transfers your SpecPath project data directly into AQ so when it’s time to build a quote, all of your project items, brands, models, accessories, and details will be ready and waiting in AQ. No manual entry involved!


Compare Your Line Items Easily

Reps can compare the detailed text from the consultant’s spec to the accessories listed in AQ using SpecQuote’s item-by-item comparison feature. All you need to do is double-check the items and configure any accessories.

Ready to get started?

If you are subscribed to SpecPath and ready to implement SpecQuotes, email us at sales@AQ-FES.com.

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