AQ Pay

Turn your quotes into orders faster with AQ Pay

Introducing AQ Pay

The first integrated technology solution to simplify the payment process in the FES industry, powered by CurrencyPay.


Streamline the Payment Process

Using AQ Pay, you can now move your projects to quotes and quotes to orders easily with the touch of a button!  Save time for you and your customers by eliminating the bottlenecks that exist with old-school invoicing and payments processes so you can focus on the business of selling.

Learn how AQ reduced friction for the foodservice equipment and design team at Cafe Concepts here.

Seamless, Multi-Channel Payment Experience

Whether you are online in an e-commerce environment, in-store at point of sale, or embedded on a dealer invoice, AQ Pay provides an improved payments experience for you and your customer. Customers can choose how to pay:  credit, debit, or ACH making it easier to move AQ quotes to sale – faster.

Instant Financing Solutions Now Available!

You can now facilitate enhanced purchasing power for your customers with financing with competitive fixed rates through CurrencyPay. With instant approval and application to loan closing in less than three minutes, your customers will find it even easier to do business with your dealership.

Merchant Processing Fee Surcharging

As part of AQ Pay, you can choose to have your customers pay the merchant processing fees associated with credit card transactions or use it to steer your customers to lower cost forms of payment – all without stepping afoul of complex state and local regulations.   

Custom Payment Terms Now Available

The Payment Terms functionality allows you to offer defined payment terms to customers through project milestones. Your payments are processed as these milestones are completed, creating an expedient payment process that is easy to follow and helps you get paid on time!


To access AQ Pay, you will need to register your organization with CurrencyPay. The best way to do this is to sign up through the AQ application.  You will need to be an AQ Admin for your organization. The Sign Up button can be found in Admin Settings > Company Settings > Payments & Financing

It’s simple – AQ Pay will help you get paid faster. Using AQ Pay gives  you the ability to offer payment options on AQ quotes and invoices sent to your customers. You can board as a Merchant to CurrencyPay via simple sign up process, and thereafter, CurrencyPay could be used to accept payment against an AQ generated quote or invoice.

No! It is completely free to sign up for AQ Pay. Your organization will simply need to be processed and on-boarded through CurrencyPay.

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Currency has heightened fraud detection that can be turned on free of charge. This includes address verification and CVV match. If you are interested in turning on these features, talk with Currency when you sign up, or anytime.

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