AQ Design Solutions

Design. Quote. Sell. Repeat.

Integrate Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Revit® with AQ’s industry-leading product and CPQ platform.

Design with the industry’s leading design software with AQ Design Solutions, a powerful suite of commercial kitchen design tools that makes creating accurate drawings in CAD and Revit faster and easier.

Save time – our software will automatically sync your designs and projects in AQ, saving you minutes to hours per project. Design better – we are the only FES company to partner with AutoDesk, meaning our technology is far ahead of other solutions. Sell more – quotes submitted with designs sell more, period.

Smarter Design Starts Here.

Using AQ Design Solutions you can:

  • Connect AQ CPQ to AutoCAD and Revit designs with the most accurate and up-to-date product information
  • Access more than 200,000 AQ-enhanced CAD objects and Revit families published in AQ connected to product specs and MEP data
  • Import your designs into AQ in seconds and auto-populate a new AQ project keeping your design and quote in sync

AQ Designer for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

Offering 3D functionality that’s exclusive to the FES industry, AQ Designer lets you present a compelling kitchen design alongside a quoteAQD is loaded with time-saving features that automate design tasks like going from 2D to 3D with one click and snapping 3D blocks onto your 2D drawing in bulk. Even better – AQ will provide your Autodesk AutoCAD license helping you get started even faster. 

AQ Designer Plug-In for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

If you’re already working in AutoCAD, we’ve got you covered with a Plug-In for CAD that will enhance the functionality of your existing license. Offering the same functionality and time-saving benefits as AQD, with the Plug-In, you only pay for the integration you need to create accurate kitchen designs.

AQ Designer Plug-In for Autodesk® Revit®

The AQD Plug-In enables you to leverage the collective power of your Revit and AQ licenses PLUS access AQ’s exclusive Parameter Tool. The Parameter Tool allows batch editing, including the addition, merging and deletion of parameters eliminating the tedious, manual process you’re used to in Revit.

What is the best design solution for FES?

Features AQ Specifi KCL
CAD & Revit content creation services
CPQ Software
Mobile App
Industry’s largest database of standardized product data & specifications
Quoting activity analytics platform
Order tracking capabilities
Inventory data uploader
Library of design files


Providing a design at the front end of a project is becoming normal practice, especially for dealers that strive to create more value than ever for customers. Providing an accurate design greatly increases the chances of your quote being accepted, and could make or break a deal. If you’re not in the design game yet, you should find out how AQ can help.

AQ is the king of content in FES. AQ publishes more than 200,000 CAD blocks and Revit families for thousands of listed products. You can download those files or use AQD to quickly auto-populate a drawing from your AQ project.

Using the AQD Plug-Ins for CAD and Revit, you can access the CAD and Revit content listed in AQ – no need to chase down the content you need from manufacturers or question the accuracy of what you might find on websites or other content sources. You can also use the integration to import your current drawings into AQ and quickly auto-populate an AQ project if your workflow begins with design.

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