AQ Insight for Reps

Your AQ Quoting Data at Your Fingertips

Create Impactful Strategies by Leveraging Your Quoting Activity Data with AQ Insight for Reps

Included in your AQ CPQ subscription, Insight for Reps provides you with an easy way to view, track, and measure your AQ quoting activity at a glance.

Track quoting metrics

Track quoting activities over time and measure your project timelines to optimize your performance. Insight for Reps provides an easy way to help you view and understand current quoting activity and identifies projections you can take advantage of during your project planning process. These tools will facilitate your activities throughout their various stages.

Easily share data with your manufacturers

Reps traditionally depend on manual reporting processes to keep manufacturers up to date on AQ projects and quote volume, which can be a time-consuming process for both parties. Now you can streamline the reporting process and share access to your AQ quoting data with manufacturers in real-time, streamlining the reporting and communication and keeping your manufacturers up to date with the click of a button. Insight for Reps allows you to vet individual requests and track who you’ve shared information with.

Analyze real-time reports online

Keep everything you need in one place by using your online dashboard to generate and view data reports online. Your dashboard contains quoting activity data filtered by customer, brand, region, product category, and marketing category. You can use this tool to create reports in a seamless process that allows you to skip the need to export files.


AQ Insight for Reps is an analytics tool for Rep Firms and Manufacturer Reps to analyze their company’s quoting and sales activity that is occurring out of AQ

AQ Insight for Reps is free to all users within Rep companies that have an active AQ CPQ subscription.

You will need to have an active AQ subscription and be a user for a Rep company. You can access the analytics dashboard at

You will gain access to actionable, aggregated data on quoting volume and product performance, tools to track quoting and sales cycles, and it will help you visualize quoting and sales trends to better understand sales productivity and potential revenue.

AQ Project Analytics currently provides granular AQ Project data where in addition to this data AQ Insight for Reps provides easy-to-understand, rolled-up aggregates of quoting data to help you more easily answer questions about your company’s activity and productivity.

Any feedback and feature requests regarding AQ Insight for Reps can be sent to

You may contact the support team by email at

Connect with us to learn more about how you can use AQ Insight to help your business.

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