AQ Listing Pro

If you build foodservice equipment and supplies, AQ is the platform that will help you sell more of it.

More than 20,000 industry professionals across North America, the UK, and Europe trust AQ to quote and sell every day.

Chances are your current customers are already using AQ and if you want to expand your reach to new ones, AQ is where you can find them.

The #1 Way to Get Products Quoted in FES

Present all of your product information your distributors and reps need in one place. By listing in AQ, you give your current customers, and prospective ones, access to everything they need to sell your product. From spec sheets to installation manuals to CAD and Revit files, you can publish it in AQ and your team can spend less time fielding information requests and more time closing sales.

Keep Your Customers Up to Date 24/7

Forget the days of reprinting countless catalogs every time you add new products, accessories or make price changes. Submit updated pricing information and product content whenever you need to. You can count on AQ’s team of content management experts to optimize your product’s content and keep your information up to date all year long.

AQ Insight

Included with AQ Listing Pro

The data and analytics you need to sell more. Access data on how your products are being quoted, how much revenue is in the pipeline, and more to inform your most important business decisions and better compete in your competitive market.


AQ displays search results in alpha-numeric order, and allows users to filter down search results by a number of parameters.

As part of your publishing fee, you have access to one AQ licence at no charge. With this licence you can:

  • Prepare quotes, if you sell direct or have internal reps
  • Perform market, competitive and price comparison research
  • Use AQ as a reference tool for customer service
  • Train employees new to the FES industry

Once your products are listed on AQ, our customer success team will contact you to provide training and support on how to optimise your listings in AQ. The training will focus on presenting your products and accessories in AQ, and helping you understand how your customers use AQ to search, select and quote.

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