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Product Data Management Simplified

Product Data at Your Fingertips

As the industry’s best and most widely-utilised product resource, AQ is the trusted resource for the most accurate and comprehensive product information for FES. Your products are more than just a model number, and that needs to be reflected in all the places your team and your customers go to find what they need, including your website. AQ’s Products API puts you in position to easily maintain your data – everywhere.

Comprehensive data within reach

AQ’s Products API can help you build and support your e-comm website, online catalogs, and your internal business systems using all AQ’s standardised and detailed product information that a customer expects to make the right selection and sell your product.

From spec sheets to high-res images, marketing descriptions, and more, AQ’s Products API is the gateway to AQ’s powerful Content Core and the source of truth to power your product data wherever you need it.

Content management made easy

Managing hundreds of products across your company, or even across multiple brands is a continuous cycle. Consider the effort required to manage and maintain hundreds of products, and if you manufacturer or sell light equipment or smallwares, that product number quickly jumps to thousands. Not to mention, keeping all of that information aggregated and uniform across all of your sales channels.

Your current process may include multiple content writers, expensive outsourcing, or relying on your internal team to divide and conquer. If you rely on AQ now to list and manage your product content, you can leverage the Products API to streamline your content management process and most importantly, ensure your data is uniform – everywhere.

Top-Notch Documentation

Whether you are implementing the API yourself, or leveraging one of AQ’s authorised implementation partners, accessing the AQ Products API is easy. Our comprehensive and standardised documentation is easy to follow and will help you get your site up in as little time as possible.  

Unify your data across multiple platforms

While you can utilise the Products API to update  – or build a new – e-commerce website, you can also populate the most accurate and up-to-date product information and pricing into your ERP system keeping your data accurate and aligned across multiple platforms.

The API utilises standard interfaces, including Open API, which facilitates the easy import of data into your business systems. Once your product data is updated with AQ, the API will retrieve, and deliver your up-to-date product data and supporting documentation to you and the customers that sell your products easily.


Previous experience with programming and API use is required to utilize the Products API. The Products API is organized around REST, and is programming language independent. Your developers can utilize any programming language which supports REST-based APIs to create custom applications, which interact with AQ Product data.

Once your company has subscribed to the Products API, you will need to create a set of credentials to access the API. Those source credentials will be utilized to request access to the Products API. Read our step-by-step overview to get started.

With the Products API, you can keep product information that’s on your e-commerce  website, or stored in your company’s ERP system, up to date faster and with reduced investment in time and resources, so you can focus on building your core business and selling more product.

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