Manufacturer Referral Program

Please note: The Manufacturer Referral Program will be ending on July 29, 2021. Thank your participation in this program!

Save Time and Earn Money

AQ wants to help dealers, consultants, reps, and designers emerge from the current crisis poised for growth.  Part of that is helping you to create quotes more efficiently and increase your sales.  We also want to help restaurant operators.

To save your team from wasting time manually entering manufacturers into AQ, we’re giving you an easy way to let us know the top 1-3 manufacturers you would benefit the most from being listed in AQ.   For each manufacturer you recommend that signs an agreement with AQ this year to list its products, we will send you a $100 gift card to the restaurant of your choice. This will help you work faster in AQ and help bring business to restaurants you work with.

Program Details

  1. Each AQ user can submit a maximum of 3 recommended manufacturers.
  2. The first AQ user to recommend a particular manufacturer will be eligible for consideration to receive the £100 gift card.  The recommendation must include company name, mailing address, contact name, and accurate contact information.  AQ will confirm receipt of your recommendation(s) and will let you know which recommendations are eligible.
  3. The £100 gift card will be considered earned once (a) the recommended manufacturer signs a listing agreement with AQ on or before December 31, 2020 and (b) you provide the contact information of the restaurant from which you would like AQ to obtain the gift card.
  4. If your company’s policy prohibits you from accepting the gift card, you can notify AQ and in those cases we will donate the eligible amount to a restaurant-related charity.
  5. By submitting the manufacturer information to AQ, you agree that AQ can mention to the manufacturer that you want them to list their products in AQ.

Who do you want listed in AQ?

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