July 30, 2021

You Asked, We Answered – 07/21

You Asked, We Answered - 07/21

Our ‘You Asked, We Answered’ series looks to tackle your most frequently asked questions to offer another channel of support. 

As AQ UK’s Technical Support Specialist, I look to ensure a seamless user experience and help you maximise all the capabilities of the AQ platform.

In July’s edition, we address some of our most recent frequently asked questions with step-by-step instructions for you to follow.

How can I find matching products in the catalogue?

AQ users can find similar products to the selected product by using the AQ catalogue’s “Match” feature.  The filters that the product comes under are then selected in the left-hand filter column and all products that come under the same filters will then show up in the search results.

First, search for a product and make sure it is selected. Then find the match function at the top of the page or use the right click menu.

The filters for that product will now be ticked on the left as shown below. Any products with the same filters will show up in the search results.

If you need to broaden the match criteria, you can unselect some of these filters and it will start to bring more items into the search results.

The product I want to quote is custom/fabricated or not published

The custom item and custom accessory functions allow users to create a catalogue item from scratch to add into their project. The custom item option also allows users to add the newly created product into the catalogue for use in future projects.

First, find the “Custom Item” and “Custom Accessory” buttons at the top.

A window will pop up to fill in the details for the item, including the model number, category, specification, picture, spec sheet, dimensions and utilities.

When this is filled in, click the blue tick at the bottom right to add the custom item into the project. If the Custom Item function was used, it will add the item as a new line item on the project. If the Custom Accessory function was used, it will add the item as an accessory to the selected product.

There is also an “Add To Catalog” tick box at the bottom left of the Custom Item dialogue that will add the item into the Catalogue.

They can then search for the custom item to add it to future projects.

Can I ensure our users fill in required fields for projects?

AQ admins can specify certain fields that must be filled in or selected before a project can be saved, such as the status, marketing category and customer. This ensures that project information is uniform across all projects, helping with future reporting.

To do this, first go to the Admin Setting section, then click on “Company Settings” at the top.

Next, go to the “Required Fields” tab. Select the fields you want to be filled in and click the tick at the bottom right.

When a new project is created, the required fields will have a red * next to them.

If you open the project without filling in the fields, a prompt will warn you that the quote cannot be saved until they are filled in.

If you try to save the project without filling the fields in, another prompt pop up will ask you to do so.

Do you have any help articles for me to read through?

Yes we do!

Any AQ user can access the help centre by either clicking on the question mark icon at the very top left of AQ (and a few other places throughout AQ)…

…or by going to our website, hovering over resources and selecting “Help Centre”.

This will open up a page in your browser with a search bar and Topics menu access the help articles.

The search will return any articles that may be relevant to your query. Click on the article name to open it.

If you’re unable to find the article you need or would prefer to speak to our support team instead, please contact us on 01564 820 190 or email support.uk@aq-fes.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Aidan Batchelor - Technical Support Specialist

Aidan is Technical Support Specialist at AutoQuotes UK.
Having been with AutoQuotes for over eight years, his role is to provide training to users of our system and technical support, both internally and externally.

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