May 21, 2021

You Asked, We Answered 05/21

Our ‘You Asked, We Answered’ series looks to tackle your most frequently asked questions to offer another channel of support. 

As AQ UK’s Technical Support Specialist, I look to ensure a seamless user experience and help you maximise all the capabilities of the AQ platform.

In May’s edition of the series, I will address some of our most recent frequently asked questions with step-by-step instructions for you to follow.

How can I make it easier to find products by my favourite manufacturers?

If you have specific manufacturers that you buy from more frequently, or are part of your buying group, we advise setting them up as the Preferred or Approved manufacturer status in AQ.

The benefit of doing so is that the products listed by those manufacturers will be at the top of any search results they appear in, aiding your salespeople to quickly find the products they want to quote.

The Mfr Statuses available are:

Preferred/Buying group – 2 stars in the catalogue – Top of the search results

Approved – 1 star in the catalogue – Below Preferred in the search results

None – Standard listing – Below Approved in the search results

Not Approved – Strikethrough the mfr name – Last in the search results

To make these changes:

1) Go to the Mfr Status section at the bottom of AQ (You will need to be an Admin or have the Mfr Settings permission on your account to see this section).

2) Use the search bar at the top to find the manufacturer you want to change. 

3) In the top row for that company, go to the Mfr Status column and click in the cell. This will show a dropdown box with the 4 statuses. 

4) Once a status has been set click Save Changes at the top left and then check the changes are working in the catalogue.

How do I add special offer pricing to products? 

If you have a special net price or discount for certain products for a period of time, this can be added to AQ with the deviated pricing functionality. The deviated price for a product will override the discount you have set for that mfr.

Deviated pricing can also be used to set up different pricing levels for specific contacts you create quotes for.

To add deviated pricing to a product:

1) Go to the AQ catalogue, search for the product, right click it and select “Edit Prod”

2) In the popup window, go to the Pricing tab. Look for the Deviated Pricing box at the bottom and click “Add Deviated Price”. This will add a new line in the box for you to amend.

3) Add the special offer pricing and set a “BeginsOn” and “ExpiresOn” date. If you want to only use these prices for projects made for a specific contact, change the company name in the Customer column too.

4) Click the tick at the bottom right to save the new pricing. Refresh the search to find that product again and check that the new prices are now showing.

Can I add my own fields to the project list filters?

AQ has a handful of default fields set in the Status and Marketing Category project filters that can be added to projects to help you keep track of a quote’s progress or run pipeline reports. 

These fields can be added to, deleted or moved around with the “Manage Fields” button in the Admin Settings.

You’ll need to have an Admin account to make these changes.

1) Go to the Admin Settings section at the bottom and look for “Manage Fields” at the top.

2) In the pop-up box, there’s 3 different tabs for the 3 project filters (Status, Marketing Category and Custom filter).

Add a new value to any filter by clicking the “Add a New Value” button. Change the order with the up and down arrows on the right.

3) Choose whether you want the filter to be a required field with the checkbox at the bottom. This means that a user must have the filter set to a value before they can open or save the project.

4) For the Custom Filter, we also allow you to change the name to better describe what you’re using the filter for. For example, “Percentage Chance”. You can also allow or prevent users making their own custom values with the “Allow Users To Enter Custom Values” checkbox.

5) Click the tick at the bottom to close the popup and then click Save Changes at the top left.

Go back to the projects section and check that your new filter fields are available for your users to start using.


How can I view CAD/Revit content in the AQ catalogue?

AQ can create and/or host any CAD and Revit content that our manufacturers have.

Hosting this content allows designers to quickly find and download the block they need for their drawing. 

The AQ Designer and AQ Revit Plugin software solutions speed up this process even more by offering designers the ability to pull the files straight through to their design software with one click and then produce a project from the drawing once completed.

To view CAD/Revit content in the catalogue:

1) Go to the catalogue search for a type of product with the search bar or the filter panel on the left.

The products with drawing content will have symbols next to them.

The symbols are:

P – Plan view CAD block

E – Elevation view CAD block

S – Side view CAD block

3D – 3D CAD Block

R – Revit family

2) Select an item with some of these symbols and go to the details panel on the right. The corresponding block files should be shown there.

To download a file, click one of the images in the details panel and it will start to download.

For AQ Designer and Revit plug-in users, clicking the file will drag the block/family straight through to their drawing package so they don’t need to download it.

3) If you don’t see them, go to the “Edit” button at the top right of the details panel and make sure that CAD and Revit are ticked.

4) If you want to see which manufacturers have content hosted by us, look for the catalogue filter at the top left. It is set to “All” by default. Change this filter to CAD or Revit.

Expand the “Manufacturers” filter in the filter column on the left to see a list of manufacturers with that type of content uploaded.

For any more information on AQ Designer or Revit Plug-In, please contact

If you have any questions about any of these answers, feel free to contact us at or call 01564 820 190.

Aidan Batchelor - Technical Support Specialist

Aidan is Technical Support Specialist at AutoQuotes UK.
Having been with AutoQuotes for over eight years, his role is to provide training to users of our system and technical support, both internally and externally.

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