September 7, 2021

AQ Spotlight: Sammic 

Incorporated in 1961, Sammic has been providing warewashing and food preparation equipment, for over 60 years.

Over time, Sammic's offer has widened, and today supplies an extensive product range for catering and hotel, licensed trade, and food industries, with an aim to provide optimal food preservation and sous-vide cooking.

In addition, the manufacturer also collaborates with its corporate chef to provides training and consultancy services to both dealers and end-users.

About Sammic’s Products 

Sammic manufactures a varied range of commercial catering equipment such as warewashers, glasswashers, vacuum packers,  blast chillers, blenders, pressers, prep machines, salamander grills, dough mixers and much more.

The brand works closely with Michelin-star chefs in order to develop and test their product lines within these fast-paced commercial kitchens.

AQ Listed Products 

Having joined AutoQuotes UK in 2009, Sammic now lists over 1300 products on the catalogue.

Subscribers can discover Sammic’s products by searching its manufacturer name, by direct search of a product’s model number, or by filtering some of the AQ product categories including Vacuum Packing Machine, Food Mixer Planetary, Food Processor, Electric and Dishwasher, Conveyor Type.

Some of Sammic’s most popular AQ products include:

SE-310 Vacuum Packer

CA-31 Veg Prep Machine


XM-52  Stick Blender

X-100C Pass Through Dishwasher

PP6  Potato Peeler

To learn more about Sammic’s products, check out their detailed product listings on AQ UK, or visit their website.

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