May 24, 2021

AQ Spotlight: Retigo

Launched in 1994, Retigo was established in the Czech Republic and quickly developed a reputation for manufacturing premium combination ovens.

Despite the problems caused by the pandemic, the independently owned manufacturer has continued to enhance its offering, reacting to the needs of its customers, which has included two new product launches.

In late 2020, the company officially established its own UK subsidiary, with Retigo s.r.o being its sole owner and investor. This meant the manufacturer was able to offer a UK based sales and technical support team and an increase in stock and spare parts to enable enhanced lead times and nationwide development kitchens, from the north of Scotland to London.

About Retigo’s Products

With the launch of its mid-range Orange Vision Plus oven last year, Retigo now offers a range of products at different price points. All ovens are available in six sizes and in gas or electric.

The Orange Vision, Orange Vision Plus and Blue Vision were designed with sustainability in mind, with a reduction in plastic parts across all models and significant reductions in the use of water and energy use. Additionally, its most popular flagship Blue Vision oven (1011) has secured an Energy Star rating too.

The Vision range is complemented by the Delimaster Bakery Oven that has a super-responsive touchscreen and can revert to a Blue Vision combination oven. All Retigo ovens are further complemented by its Chef Concept range, which includes blast chillers and the Hold-o-mat holding ovens.

AQ-Listed Products:

Retigo chose to list its full range of Vision ovens and accessories on AutoQuotes UK in 2020.

The AQ application allows dealers to search and select items and automatically generate a quote.

By including its products in the AQ database, Retigo can distribute up-to-date product data so dealers can locate Vision combi ovens and accessories, as well as their product information, more easily. The products can be found under the following categories:

Combi Oven, Electric, 1/1GN

Combi Oven, Gas, 1/1 GN

Holding Cabinet

Blast Chiller, Freezer, Reach-In

Combi Oven, Parts & Accessories.

To learn more about Retigo’s products, check out their detailed product listings on AQ UK, or visit their website.

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