June 21, 2021

AQ Spotlight: Liebherr

Launched in 1949, Liebherr is a longstanding company recognised for manufacturing a range of freestanding and built-in catering appliances for both commercial and household environments.

Today Liebherr is acknowledged as a supplier of user-oriented products and services in numerous fields, including refrigeration.

The manufacturer specialises primarily in refrigeration and freezer products for the hotel, catering, bakery, food retail, research and laboratory, beverage and frozen food industries.

About Liebherr’s Products:

The firm primarily specialises in upright service cabinets, chest freezers, ice cream freezers and wine storage cabinets. Liebherr’s products are designed to provide reliable long-term freshness and safe storage of food and drinks.

All of Liebherr’s models run on environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants as standard and are covered by a two-year parts and labour guaranteed.

AQ-Listed Products:

Having joined AQ UK in 2012, Liebherr now lists over 140 products on the catalogue.

Subscribers can discover Liebherr’s products by searching its manufacturer name, by direct search of a product’s model number, or by filtering some of the AQ product categories including Upright Refrigerator, Undercounter Refrigerator and Upright Freezer.

Some of Liebherr’s most popular AQ products include:

FKUV 1660 001 – Undercounter Refrigerator

GCV 4060 001 – Combination Fridge Freezer

GG 4060 001 – Reach-in Freezer

WKT 6451 – Wine Cabinet

GGU 1550 001 – Premium Freezer

To learn more about Liebherr’s products, check out their detailed product listings on AQ UK, or visit their website.

If you’re a manufacturer and you are interested in listing your products on AQ UK, connect with our sales team at sales.uk@AQ-FES.com.

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