AQ Software Updates

AQ Software Update - September 2020

The following updates were deployed to the AQ CPQ software on September 30, 2020. Read on to learn more about some key feature enhancements to the software here.

AQ Pay Updates

Added Support for L3 Processing

Level 3 Processing is used in B2B and B2G transactions to help corporations monitor spending by capturing additional line-item details. Utilizing the extra data offers a significant amount of savings on interchange rates for transactions.

You can learn more about AQ Pay by visiting the product page here.

"Rough-In" Tab

Allows users to add their own “Rough-In” connection heights to AQ-listed products.


Added an option that allows users to toggle “Rough-In” data on and off.

Additional Features & Enhancements:

  • Updated the Navitas leasing email address to
  • Fixed an issue in the Stock Number Export (Company ID mismatch)

Previous Updates:



To keep up with what’s new check out the AQ blog here.

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