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Giving manufacturers the data and analytics you need to sell more

Discover Your Data and Uncover Sales Patterns with AQ Insight

AQ Insight is a new analytics platform for manufacturers that gives you the visibility you need to understand your company’s positioning and quoting activity on AQ. Ready to dive deeper? Access to the Pro version of AQ Insight is now available.


Visualize your quoting activity

With an easy-to-use interface, manufacturers can view key AQ data quickly, like the number of listed products by region and how many products have been added to AQ projects and quotes – today, yesterday, last month, or even last year.  AQ Insight provides a level of transparency into your footprint and activity on the platform so you can visualize the impact of AQ on your business.

See where your most active customers are

An interactive map gives you an immediate visual of your global sales, allowing you to pinpoint the regions where you have engaged customers. You can quickly identify areas of opportunity where you can benefit from the direction of sales and marketing resources.

Use your data to identify trends

Customize a date range on AQ Insight to monitor trends like project-to-quote conversion rates, and better understand the outcomes of the quoting activity for your products on AQ.

Request Rep Data with AQ Insight Pro

With a subscription to AQ Insight Pro, you can request access to your rep’s data through the Insight Pro dashboard to track real-time quoting activity on your products and streamline the reporting process with your reps.

Learn more about AQ Insight for Reps here.

Which version is right for me?

Features AQ Insight AQ Insight Pro
Included with AQ Listing subscription
Overview of published products & top-performing categories
Breakdown of active customers by channel
View map of active customers by region
Product-level Data
Download & export widget data
Ability to access multiple brands/companies
Track industry trends
Access rep data


To access AQ Insight, go to and log in using your current AQ credentials.

Built specifically to address the needs of manufacturers, AQ Insight provides a level of transparency into your product’s positioning and activity on the AQ platform. With visibility into data points like how many of your products are added to AQ projects and quotes, you can stay informed, optimize your content on AQ to improve engagement and drive more sales.

AQ Insight is a tool for manufacturers and other AQ publishers specific to their company’s published content and overall footprint in AQ. AQ Analytics is a key feature for licensed users that create quotes in AQ CPQ and provides data specific to the user’s quoting activity.

AQ Insight gives manufacturers and other AQ publishers data specific to their company’s published content and overall footprint in AQ. AQ Insight for Reps provides an easier way for reps to create reports and share data with manufacturers.

Yes. In addition to the core capabilities of AQ Insight with category level data, project to quote conversions, channel and regional quote data, AQ Insight Pro also provides the ability to drill-down and filter to the product level, show data trends on your quote volume, industry comparisons and regional growth or loss in quoting activity.

Yes! This is just the beginning. AQ Insight is part of a new platform that will expand and include more reporting and additional dashboards that will provide manufacturers with a robust set of BI tools.

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