Kitchen Police

Report errors or inconsistencies you find in AQ.

Become a member of the Kitchen Police (KP)! If you find any discrepancies or incorrect information, please submit a claim using the Kitchen Police button, located in the top ribbon of the Catalog tab in AQ.

AQ will review the claim to verify that it meets the qualifying criteria. Once the claim has been confirmed as valid, you will be rewarded $10. At the end of the month, you will receive funds to apply toward a gift card of your choice through eGifter.

By participating in the Kitchen Police program, you acknowledge that such participation does not violate any policies of your employer. If necessary, participation in the KP program should be approved by your employer.

Valid Claims Include:

  • Incorrect price
  • Incorrect description
  • Incorrect media, such as images and spec sheets. For claims on incorrect images and spec sheets, please email us at with the correct content or a link to the manufacturer’s product page.

Examples of Invalid Claims

  • Programming or search problems
  • Errors in your own company’s listings
  • Multiple claims originating from one mistake. For example, one spec sheet that applies to multiple items would be considered one error, not multiple errors.
  • Omissions of content (e.g. weights, dimensions, freight, spec sheets, images, CAD symbols, document links, etc.)
  • Missing accessories (e.g. fryer filter brushes, range fasteners, cleaners)
  • Fractional discrepancies (e.g. capacities and dimensions)
  • Typographical errors

Terms and conditions apply. AutoQuotes reserves the right to discontinue or modify the rules or program details without notice. This includes, but is not limited to, the duration of the program and methods by which users are rewarded.

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