Customer FAQ's

Thank you for your continued trust in AQ to be the best FES platform available. The AQ team is committed to delivering the value and service you’ve come to expect from us.


For questions related to renewal and/or your invoice, we have put together the following FAQs:

Where can I go to pay my invoice and/or see if our payment has been received?

There are several ways to make your payment including mailing us a check, by credit card or via ACH. AQ customers are now able to see and pay all invoices via our new NetSuite AQ Customer Center portal. Please click here to login and/or set up your account.

Does AQ accept credit card payments?

Yes, online Credit Card Payments can be made through your NetSuite AQ Customer Center account or via our secure payment page.

Why do I now have to pay taxes?

AQ engaged external tax advisors to perform a nexus study to ensure that we are in compliance with sales and use taxes across all product offerings and the specific states in which we conduct business.  The results of this study determined that there were a number of states that had nexus over the sales of our software and services meaning that they have the right to tax revenues.  In order to ensure compliance to the state authorities, we will be including the applicable sales tax on all invoices going forward.

Why has my price increased from last year?

Your price increase is based on several factors, including operational costs, updated software (new features, improved functionality etc.) as well as other economic factors.

A few examples of some of the newer features and functionality that have been added to the AQ program are:

  • Using AQ’s new advanced search capabilities you will receive more refined results and you can filter results further by various fields like manufacturer, model number and specification
  • AQ GO! Check out our new mobile app where you can create, modify and send quotes on the GO!
  • We’ve improved the Dimension search to filter your results down to products by a specific spec
  • You now have the ability to view and search for products more visually and by category using AQ’s card view
  • Find/replace feature to help you find similar items quickly


What new things can I expect to see from AQ in the future?

We’re continuously working on improving the AQ offering and the value you receive from AQ, and there’s a lot more on our roadmap!  In particular, our manufacturers will be able to access more information and analytics around how products are performing in AQ. We are also working on improving the experience listing products in AQ, allowing you to have more control over your product information. Dealers will see some additional API / integration options as well as order management solutions . We are also expanding our Customer Success team where you can expect improved communication and engagement opportunities with AutoQuotes team members!


What if I have questions about my subscription to AQ?

Please contact with any questions, requests, or ways we can serve you better!

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