September 8, 2017

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Visits with AutoQuotes

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels’ Mark Massey, Director, Foodservice Sales and Marketing, and Jill Provines, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, visited our offices recently for an AQ Content Review Workshop (CRW). In a two-day CRW, manufacturers meet with our Content, Customer Support and Product Management departments. They discuss AQ features, best practices, new capabilities and latest releases with the goal of optimizing their products’ presence in the AQ Catalog. Well-known as a maker of high-quality cutlery since 1731, ZWILLING also produces extensive lines of cookware, flatware, kitchen tools and glassware.

Mark has been a part of the foodservice equipment and supplies (FES) industry his whole life. His father worked for a china company and later opened Bel-Terr China. Mark worked with his father for 13 years, until Bel-Terr was sold. Mark then worked for several foodservice manufacturers and has been with ZWILLING for four years. Jill worked for another FES company for more than a decade before joining ZWILLING. She started her career in customer service but progressed to operations, marketing and sales. She has been with ZWILLING for just under a year.

Mark first used AQ back in 2004, when the application came on CDs. “It seemed cumbersome at first,” says Mark. “But the company I was with at the time, which had been an early user of AQ, prepared a lot of quotes for institutions that were often 10 to 12 pages long. I realized AQ was a godsend.” Both Mark and Jill feel they’ve gained a lot of knowledge from the CRW. “I can’t believe all the different ins-and-outs we’ve learned,” says Jill. “We’re going to be doing some tasks in half the time now.”

What are some ZWILLING products that they personally use? “I’m a big fan of the commercial cookware and flatware,” says Mark. “I really like the cocottes (cast iron Dutch ovens) and the double-walled beer mugs,” says Jill.

Thank you, Jill and Mark, for coming to our offices. If you’re a manufacturer and would like more information on our Content Review Workshops, please contact your Content Manager for dates and details.

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