May 29, 2018

What We Heard at NRA

Our AutoQuotes delegation is fresh back from NRA 2018 in Chicago. We asked some of them two questions that would succinctly capture their NRA Show experience – here are their responses.

What industry issue or concern did you hear the most about?

Chris Rudin, Account Executive:
Many people are concerned about being behind when it comes to digital platforms, along with their systems being out of date and not integrated.

Linda Follmer, Content Account Manager:
Refrigeration manufacturers are concerned about DOE compliance, getting ENERGY STAR certification, and the related product redesigns and costs for both.

Juleen Ayres, Marketing Manager:
Manufacturers are wondering how they can cut through the noise of competition.

Shaun Carter, Content Account Manager:
The need for CAD and Revit.

Matthew Currie, Media Manager:
There are a lot of questions about Revit – what exactly it is and why a company needs it.

Stephanie Tileston, Content Account Manager:
Questions about digital platforms and e-commerce.

Jim Starr, Senior Content Manager:
Chefs are concerned about the hi-tech “bells and whistles” that manufacturers are building into their equipment. The chefs feel that there’s more that can go wrong with the equipment.

What made you go “wow?”

There is a radio frequency oven that recognizes the food put into it and cooks it automatically.

There is this salad bar that converts to different levels for different functions.

That one out of two Americans had their first job in food service, and one out of 10 will have worked in a restaurant at some point in their lives.

You can buy a car with a complete pizza oven and ingredient containers built into the back. You basically have a mobile pizza parlor.

For sandwich or sub shops there were small bins for toppings with twist rims that brought the bottom of the bin up. The bin always looked full and the toppings could be completely used before being refilled.

Seeing all the manufacturers in one place really made me think about the competition they’re under.

The advances in automation, like ovens that can cook a wide variety of food at the same time.

We’d love to hear from you - What industry issue or concern did you hear the most about? And what made you go “wow?” Use the link below to send us your thoughts - Thanks!

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