August 3, 2016

Victory Visit a Winner for All

Victory Visit a Winner for All

Victory Visit

When Victory Refrigeration Sales Manager Rachel Keith walked into AutoQuotes offices in Jacksonville Florida, she expected to find a small staff and not much more. What she discovered instead was eye-opening. During her two-day visit, Keith was introduced to the company's 60 employees working in catalog content, marketing, programming, technical support, media and development.

"I thought AutoQuotes was five people sitting and updating don't really think about the behind the scenes and what goes into it. Nor did I realize the scope, the platform that it is, for all the different media and marketing tools," Keith said.

Keith has depended on AutoQuotes for most of her 16-year-career in foodservice equipment and supplies. She was first introduced to the software while working as a rep with KLH Marketing, then for Kairak. Now with Victory, one of the Ali Group companies, she is the sales manager for the Midwest and West, where she calls on her reps, consultants, and designing dealers.

Keith planned the visit to meet with her AQ catalog content liaison, Donna Smith. Smith heads up AutoQuotes' Content Department - 25 people who work with AQ Catalog partners to ensure product data, images and other assets are accurate and up-to-date.

Smith suggested that a visit to AutoQuotes might be just the answer to help Keith improve her company's product listings.  Keith agreed.  

"The trip was 100% payback on everything we spent, an invaluable return on investment was there. Donna gave me her complete undivided attention," Keith said.

While at AutoQuotes, Keith also had lengthy meetings with members of the marketing and media departments as well as the executive team. Not only did she discover new ways to optimize her company's presence in the AQ catalog, she also learned more about the variety of product opportunities available for AutoQuotes Catalog partners. One of her favorites is AQ OrderStatus. This unique feature streamlines the entire order tracking process for manufacturers and customers.  

"[It was] so worth the trip to have content right in AutoQuotes. To have it wrong is no value for anybody. On top of that, I can start promoting the Order Status piece to the dealers, even for customer service so we can start eliminating phone calls," Keith said. "I can't imagine who wouldn't do it. It seems like such a no-brainer."

If you would like to visit AutoQuotes, we would love to have you! Email Donna Smith at: for more information.

Written by: Kate Schmidt

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