March 12, 2020

Unlock Online Sales with Marketing Descriptions

Every AQ user knows the significance that details like dimensions, construction materials and capacities have to customers purchasing foodservice equipment & supplies. Yet in today's increasingly competitive, increasingly digital market, many are asking, “How do I sell more online?”. The truth is that adding effective marketing descriptions, or sales copy, to your online product listings can unlock online sales quickly and effectively.

Why are Marketing Descriptions Important?

In their 2018 B2B Ecommerce Report, BigCommerce stresses the importance of living up to consumers’ high expectations in an online B2B environment:

B2B buyers are the same people making purchases as consumers. It’s a simple truth––and often overlooked. As avid online shoppers, consumers have become accustomed to a certain site experience. Those expectations do not disappear when they put on their ‘B2B buyer’s hat.’ A successful B2B ecommerce implementation mirrors the experience that a buyer would have in their personal life.

This raises the question: Why should an ad for a commercial refrigerated reach-in be any different than the ones selling home refrigerators? As BigCommerce points out, both purchase decisions come down to a human. And not just a human, but one living in this modern digital age where you can buy designer shoes and a lawn mower in three clicks. As consumers shopping for our personal lives, we expect to see great photography, helpful details, and supporting documentation when we make purchases. The retailers that stand out from their competition are the ones who educate customers, provide information about special features, tell why a product is different from others, or how a product solves problems better than its competitors. B2B sellers can boost sales by adopting the same standards B2C businesses already use.

Optimizing your eCommerce listings doesn’t mean leaving salespeople behind, either. Recently, Google found that 83% of U.S. shoppers who visited a store in the last week say they used online search before going into a store1. Especially when customers are in the process of researching a big-ticket item or when they’re interested in trying out something new, they want to learn more to narrow down their choices before making a purchase. Copy is an important missing link if you want to close more sales and improve conversion rates—for purchases made both online and in-person.

To help enhance listings on eCommerce sites, AQ is now collecting marketing descriptions that will be available via an eCommerce API later this year. Contact us at, fill out our demo form, or reach out to your AQ content manager to submit your descriptions today.

Need help creating or enhancing your marketing descriptions? CFI Marketing, a full-service agency catering exclusively to the foodservice E&S industry, is pleased to offer special pricing to AQ manufacturers for copywriting services. Contact Sarah Scaggs at for more information.

1Google/Ipsos, Global Retail Study, Base: Past Week In-store Shoppers (n=597) U.S. online 18+ who searched before visiting a store in the last week, Feb. 2019.

AQ and CFI are collaborating on a series of blogs to combine our unique industry knowledge and experience.

David Demres, Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Development – AQ

Sarah Scaggs, Vice President – CFI Marketing

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