August 28, 2017

Traulsen Visits with AutoQuotes

Traulsen Sales Development Manager Hailey Hutchison and Marketing Specialist Sylvia Rios visited our offices last week for an AQ Content Review Workshop (CRW). In a two-day CRW, manufacturers meet with our Content, Customer Support and Product Management departments. They discuss AQ features, best practices, new capabilities and latest releases with the goal of optimizing their products’ presence in the AQ Catalog. Traulsen, a member of the ITW Food Equipment Group, offers a broad range of refrigeration products including reach-ins, roll-ins, undercounters, blast chillers, prep tables and mobile display cabinets.

Traulsen Visits AQ HQ

A 14-year veteran of Traulsen, Sylvia provides marketing and sales support and has been using the AQ software for about 10 years. For the AQ Catalog, Sylvia uses her graphic design and marketing background to provide images and pictures that best represent Traulsen’s products. “AQ is very user-friendly,” says Sylvia. “And we’re learning more about its capabilities to offer links to other types of materials, especially to videos.” One capability Sylvia is referring to is AQ DocLinks, which allows manufacturers to submit links (URLs) for publishing in the Catalog. DocLinks gives manufacturers a great deal of flexibility in presenting materials, whether sales-focused, educational or instructional. Sylvia also manages CAD blocks and Revit families, which are posted for most of their models.

Hailey has been with Traulsen, and the FES industry, for less than a year. A forensic scientist by training, she began her career as a chemist for a chemical company, but soon turned in her lab coat to become a product manager and inside salesperson. Traulsen gave her the opportunity to do sales and marketing on a much bigger stage. “There’s not much chemistry in refrigeration,” says Hailey, “But there is a lot of physics. There’s more to it than the average person realizes.”

“And we’re learning more about its (AQ) capabilities to offer links to other types of materials, especially to videos.”
- Sylvia Rios

What trends does Traulsen see in refrigeration? “There’s a clear move towards low GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants and greater energy efficiency for refrigeration systems,” says Hailey. “We’re also seeing increased use of reach-in type glass door refrigerators and freezers in the high-end lodging segment. This equipment supports their retail initiatives – small spaces that are starting to resemble bistro-like restaurants.”

Thank you, Hailey and Sylvia, for coming to our offices. If you’re a manufacturer and would like more information on our Content Review Workshops, please contact your Content Manager for dates and details.

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