April 15, 2021

Top 3 Things Manufacturers Should Do After Going “Live” on AQ

So, your products are live on AQ and ready to be quoted  – that’s it, right? Not exactly. While listing on AQ makes it easier for your customers to quote your products, you will never realize the full value of AQ’s platform if you quit at the start. When the Content Services team hits the publish button, the heaviest lift might be over, but you’ve still got work to do. You wouldn’t forgo an oil change after you’ve purchased a car, right? The same concept of maintenance applies to your listings.

“If You Build Announce It, They Will Come”

Once your products are live, your company will be added to the splash page of AQ and welcomed via AQ’s social media channels and blog so we can let our community know you’re all aboard. Separately, using your own communication channels to make an announcement is the easiest way to alert your existing network of customers and prospects.

It may seem simple, but sharing an update with customers will ensure that your message gets through to the right audience. AQ’s Media Kit can assist you in this process with access to AQ logos, content templates, and promotional images that you can leverage to get the word out. You and your team can use these assets on your website, social media channels, and other platforms where you regularly engage customers.

The media kit is available for download on the MyAQ homepage for users with active licenses. Simply scroll down to the Quick Links section of the page to find the zip folder.

If you were a restaurant, would you be satisfied with a passing health score? We didn’t think so.

You wanted to get published – fast. We get it. But, if you went live with bare minimum content, you are not maximizing your listings. If you were a restaurant, would you be satisfied with just a passing health score? Consumers value quality, and that is reflected in the quoting activity we see on the AQ platform.

Submitting your price update every December is necessary, but that alone is not enough to ensure your product information is accurate and includes the most up-to-date assets available. While you are in the B2B sales space, your customers are still consumers, so don’t hold back any of those fantastic images or video links that can help your customers visualize your product in their kitchens.

Alongside the visual components, you can explore ways to optimize your brand’s presence through tools available on the AQ platform. There are several ways to set up these strategies as a manufacturer on our platform. One of these tactics involves tailoring pricing alternatives that suit your business needs. Available options include category-specific discounts, quantity-based pricing, and scheduled promotion periods. Based on your sales goals, you can set up customizable strategies for specific categories and analyze their performance as you see fit. Incorporating high-quality images and detailed descriptions have also been proven to add value and increase the viewership of respective listings.

These steps are just the beginning of creating a purposeful and successful brand strategy on our platform. AQ’s dedicated team is always working to enhance the selling experiences of our customers.

Get to know your customers and those that need a little push too

Like any software, it’s important to understand your traction on AQ. By using AQ Insight, you can gain knowledge of what works and what needs improvement in your listings. The AQ Insight tool gives you a transparent view of your AQ footprint and allows you to identify areas of opportunity that you might be missing. Through its dashboard, you can monitor trends like project-to-quote conversion rates, and better understand the outcomes of the quoting activity for your products on AQ. Familiarizing yourself with these analyses makes it easier to understand customer behavior and provides a gateway to thousands of prospective customers in your pipeline.


Going live isn’t the end game. If you manufacture foodservice equipment and supplies, listing on AQ is a no-brainer, but to ensure you’re getting the most out of the AQ software, staying connected to your content, customers, and AQ quoting activity is the best way to ensure success on our platform. Reach out to our Customer Success team to optimize your experience on our platform today.

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Alex Cruz - Communications Specialist

Alex is a Communications Specialist at Revalize, AQ's parent company. Her focus is on delivering innovative content to our clients through our digital platforms. She brings with her years of experience in various B2B industries that enable her to provide a fresh perspective to our customers.

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