March 31, 2020

The Next Phase of a Better Customer Experience From AQ

In March, we launched AQ's new website at a new web address: Along with a new URL and a more modern design, our new site is a better reflection of who AQ is and the diversity of the customers we serve. The streamlined navigation offers more organized, customer-specific information so it’s easier to view the products and services most relevant to you and access all the latest news from AQ. But we’re not done yet.


MyAQ, our new customer portal, will be rolled out in the coming months. We know that your experience as our customer is just as important as the technology AQ provides for your business. MyAQ will create a centralized location for customers to access tools and resources that to help optimize how you’re using AQ and keep you up to date about important customer announcements like new software features and updates. Here’s a quick preview of some key features in the portal:

Training and resource materials– Missed a product webinar? Need more info on how to use AQ Design Solutions better? We’ll provide additional resources and content exclusive to our customers through the portal.

Customer Information Databases – We heard many of you found AQ’s customer search and manufacturer numbers databases on our previous website useful. The customer search allows you to filter AQ customers by type easily so you can confirm the manufacturers that list on AQ quickly without doing a one by one search on AQ. You will have access to these features again when they move to their new MyAQ home.

Single sign-on (SS0) – “Another password to remember, yay” – said no one ever. SSO enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by logging in only once—with just one set of credentials. You can access MyAQ with your current AQ username and password.

We are off to a good start, but the portal will evolve and grow over time. Is there something you would like to see on MyAQ? We would love to hear from you about features or content that would be most helpful. Our inbox is always open at

Juleen Ayres - Sr. Marketing Manager

Juleen Ayres is a Sr. Marketing Manager at Revalize, AQ's parent company. She joined the team in 2016 with more than 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing. Juleen is responsible for keeping our customers educated and informed about AQ's solutions, services, and events.

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