May 11, 2021

7 Top Tech Tips from the Experts at AQ’s Support Center

Every Tuesday, AQ shares a weekly Tech Tip on our social channels to get users better acquainted with our software. We’ve gathered a list of the most frequently asked about topics to act as a comprehensive resource. Read on to learn more about each topic.

AQ’s Tech Tip Roundup:


1. Adding & Removing Users*

Making changes to user lists to your organization’s AQ account can be done in a few easy steps. To add a user, you need to log in to AQ and follow the steps listed in the Support Center article. Once permission levels are established, the new user will receive a welcome email requiring an action to complete their registration process.

The steps required for profile removals are also found in the Admin Settings of your organization’s account. In the pop-up menu, you will find options to either delete or unregister a profile. You can make a selection based on whether your organization will still need to use this license under a different individual’s name, or you would like to delete the profile entirely.

2. Choosing Columns

Our platform makes it easy to customize your column view based on your preferences. This can be done by either selecting the Choose Columns button in the top ribbon or right-clicking any column header. Both of these options will trigger a new window to open where you can make changes to your visible, hidden, and frozen columns.

3. Hiding and Showing Nets/Details

When using AQ, users can hide information with the click of a button using the Quick Access Toolbar. The two options available are the Show / Hide Nets and the Toggle Details. This function is similar to a light switch, making it easy to swap between two views that show and hide information that you’ve selected in your settings.

4. Forgotten Password

Forgot your password? AQ supports the ability to recover your account when you find yourself locked out. Simply select the “forgot password” button and follow the password reset instructions sent to your linked email address.

5. User Level Project Sharing

AQ project sharing is a great way to promote collaboration within your organization. You can choose to share individual projects, or your entire project library as needed. Editing access is available for projects that are shared individually. Changes to these settings are visible when you right-click a project in your Project List.

6. Admin Level Project Sharing*

As an AQ administrator, you have the ability to set up project sharing for all users within your organization. This feature is available in your Admin Settings located at the end of your navigation bar. The “Change Project Sharing” dialog will display the current settings and allow for changes to be made within the same window.

7. Updating Contacts on Projects

Adding contacts such as customers, consultants and others to an AQ project can be accomplished in a variety of ways, with two methods being the most efficient. Additionally, you can update existing contact records by navigating to the AQ Contacts window and following the steps listed in the Support Center article.

*AQ administrative privileges are required. 

Additional Tech Tip Resources:

Do you want to know when we are updating the program or having an issue? Follow our status page here.

Need to download our AQ CPQ program or other AQ software? Visit our downloads page.

You can find these and more tips in our Support Center. In the meantime, follow our social channels to get a first look at the latest weekly tech tip.

Alex Cruz - Communications Specialist

Alex is a Communications Specialist at Revalize, AQ's parent company. Her focus is on delivering innovative content to our clients through our digital platforms. She brings with her years of experience in various B2B industries that enable her to provide a fresh perspective to our customers.

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