December 18, 2017

AutoQuotes Team Members Attend AU 2017

AQ customers can expect that we stay on top of the newest information and latest developments that could affect our products and services. Three AutoQuotes team members – Customer Support Specialist Will Walker, Media Specialist Loretta Kendrick and Programmer Richard Hildebrand – joined more than 10,000 other design-related professionals at Autodesk University (AU) 2017. The team’s mission was to bring back ideas and resources that will directly benefit users of our AQ Design Solutions (AQD) as well as those utilizing CAD blocks and Revit families from our AQ Catalog.

“What caught my attention was how *Revit can be combined with **Dynamo to customize information, like flooring weight limits and a whole variety of functional data totals. This will be very useful to designers,” said Will, who provides training and handles the majority of support calls for AQD.

AutoQuotes' Loretta Kendrick and Will Walker attending a session at Autodesk University

AutoQuotes' Loretta Kendrick and Will Walker attending a session at Autodesk University.

For Loretta, who creates, builds and/or processes thousands upon thousands of CAD blocks for use in the AQ Catalog, it was a shortcuts workshop that was most useful. “I enjoyed a ‘tricks and tips’ course on cleaning up CAD files,” said Loretta. “Sometimes manufacturers send us CAD drawing files that need a lot of work – things will go much faster now.”

Richard spent the early part of the conference in technical sessions for software developers but later looked for big picture news. “We like to find out what changes are coming to AutoCAD and Autodesk,” said Richard. “We look for things that we can potentially leverage to the AQD products. One such thing may be more functionality and features available through mobile devices.”

Will trying out VR technology at AutoDesk University

AutoQuotes' Will Walker trying out virtual reality (VR) technology at Autodesk University.

Through licensing with Autodesk, AutoQuotes created AQ Design Solutions – AQ Designer Plug-In, AQ Designer and AQ Designer Deluxe – as a suite of powerful commercial kitchen design software that connects with the AQ Catalog and quoting application. In addition, the AQ Catalog has more than 200,000 CAD/Revit items available. CAD blocks include embedded specs and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) data, an enhancement exclusive to AutoQuotes that provides users a more efficient and accurate design.

If you have any questions on purchasing AQ Design Solutions products, please email If you need assistance with any of your current AQD products, you can reach our Customer Support department at (866) 452-8324 or If you’re a manufacturer publishing in the AQ Catalog and you have questions on CAD/Revit creation and/or submission, you can email


*Revit is Autodesk’s building information modeling software.    **Dynamo is a graphical programming interface.

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