May 19, 2021

Targeting Pain Points with AQ Insight: Improve Sales for Low Performing Listings in a Few Easy Steps

As a manufacturer, you are probably familiar with what your best-selling products on AQ's platform are, but are you paying attention to your missed opportunities? There’s always going to be a hierarchy of products in your arsenal with the best-selling items likely taking up the bulk of your efforts. But what about the lower performers? These listings have a high likelihood of improvement in sales with slight operational modifications on your end. Our AQ Insight product line was built with tools that help manufacturers uncover sales patterns in their AQ quoting data. We've put together some tips to kickstart this process and help improve your selling record.

The seasonality effect

As you're probably already aware, many products are in high demand year-round as they are deemed essential for running restaurant operations of most, if not all, kinds. In our platform, the smallwares category consistently performs well overall in our analysis of year-round AQ quoting data. On the other end of the spectrum are items that are considered niche or those affected by seasonality. Outdoor products like patio heaters are popular during the fall and winter months while outdoor furniture quotes spike for spring and summer. Through a simple review of your AQ quoting activity, you may find that lower-performing categories generate more quotes during certain times of the year or even shorter time periods, even if you haven't considered them to be seasonally driven. AQ provides you with visibility of trends like these that you may not currently be tracking. Simply customize a date range using AQ Insight which is included with your AQ Listing subscription.

Check your sources with AQ Insight

Another feature of AQ Insight is an interactive map that displays areas of opportunity in specific regions. This is one example of traffic sourcing that is considered a vital part of the listing management process. There is a likely correlation between sales of specific products in certain regions and the year-round weather in those locations. Tracking sales made by these properties is made possible through a subscription to AQ Insight Pro. This premium version gives you access to product-level data, allowing you to analyze trends between a product’s sale history and the company types and sizes that are making those purchases.

Get to editing

Once you’ve reviewed all the factors that affect your pain-point products and/or categories, you can begin to refresh these listings by targeting their highest source of traffic. Think of this as a formula that customizes your listings to ensure maximum exposure for the ideal customer. This may require changes to your marketing descriptions that include keywords used by potential customers in their searches. Appropriate category tagging is another factor that affects sales. As our platform grows, so does the list of categories available to filter by. If you haven’t updated your listings in a while, there may be newly added categories that your listings belong in and aren’t currently included in.

As with any online shopping experience, B2B prospects expect a customer experience that is as close to “real” as possible. The likelihood of them clicking on your listing increases when you use high-quality images and current descriptions. Make sure that the featured image for the product is up-to-date and the file is in high resolution.

How’d you do?

After implementing appropriate changes, make sure to monitor the stats around these products and compare them to previous activity. Adding this step to your operational process will give you better insights on what strategy works best for each product you list and allow you to easily make changes as needed. Visit our AQ Insight product page to read more about its features and learn which version is right for you.

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Alex Cruz - Marketing Associate

Alex is a Marketing Associate at Revalize, AQ's parent company. Her focus is on delivering innovative content to our clients through our digital platforms. She brings with her years of experience in various B2B industries that enable her to provide a fresh perspective to our customers.

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