March 5, 2015

Setting up Special Pricing in AutoQuotes

To import deviated pricing into AutoQuotes:

Create a custom CSV file. Your CSV file should be formatted as a table and must include a header, or first line, that defines the fields in your table

  • Column 1 heading should be either Vendor Number OR Vendor Nickname.  The vendor numbers and vendor nicknames can be found in the Downloads section of our website (
  • Column 2 heading should be Model Number and contain the model number of the item with the special pricing.
  • Column 3 heading should be List Price and should NOT contain any currency symbols or commas.
    • OR heading should be Net Price and should NOT contain any currency symbols or commas.
    • OR heading should be Discount and should contain the discount in decimal format (
  • Column 4 heading should be Beginning Date and should be in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Column 5 heading should be Ending Date and should be in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Column 6 heading should be Markup and should be in numerical format with a two-character limit (xx).

* Note: The file should only have one of the three "pricing" columns (List, Discount, Net) filled out.  If the file has more than one of these columns filled out, a message will display during import notifying you that the file is in the wrong format. 

Making your deviated pricing import Customer specific

* To assign special pricing to an individual customer you can add a column

  • Column 7 heading should be Customer Number and should only have one Customer number entered.  See instructions below on how to locate/assign a customer number.

*Note: If no customer number is assigned the deviated price will be assigned to All customers. 

Making your deviated pricing import Group specific

*To assign special pricing to a group of customers you will need to add an additional column

  • Column 8 (If you don't add a customer column then this can be column 6) heading should be Group ID

How to setup a Customer number and or Group ID

Go to > Contacts and add your Customer number or Group ID depending on your requirements


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