November 15, 2018

The John Ritzenthaler Company visits AutoQuotes

Founded in 1892, the John Ritzenthaler Company (RITZ) is a manufacturer of textile essentials including chef apparel, aprons, oven mitts, towels, and other related kitchen products. Recently, AutoQuotes welcomed Caitlin Albany, Marketing Manager, to the AQ office for a 3E Forum. The two-day workshop is designed for AutoQuotes to "engage, educate and exchange" with our publishers to address their questions and needs.

Timely Product and Pricing Updates

As a newcomer to the manufacturing side of the FES industry, one of Caitlin's goals for attending the 3E Forum was to learn how she could better collaborate with the AQ Content team and deliver more organized content. Coming from Zink Foodservice, Caitlin has experience using AQ, but it wasn't until she sat down for a comprehensive content review with her Content Account Manager, Dina Greene, that she realized just how much her customers rely on correct information being present in AQ, especially pricing. Through collaboration with Dina and other members of the Content team, Caitlin now has a plan to organize RITZ’s content delivery to assure timely product updates for their customers.

Underutilized Feature: OrderStatus

Like many of our other 3E visitors, Caitlin wanted to bring back information to her company about underutilized tools and features. One feature that piqued her interest was OrderStatus. OrderStatus is a feature that gives manufacturers the ability to upload order tracking information directly into AQ for their customers. RITZ's customer service department receives "a lot of calls from customers about the status of their orders," said Caitlin. We would rather have that team "focused on product questions, not order questions." After viewing OrderStatus in person, Caitlin is ready to work with her IT department to start sending order tracking information into AQ for the benefit of RITZ’s customers and their customer support team.

“Multimedia Content” Inside of AQ

Recently, the John Ritzenthaler Company launched a new website designed to bring their residential and commercial products together in one location. Full of high-quality images and product videos, the new site gives its visitors the information they need to make an informed buying decision. To help their customers that use AQ, Caitlin spoke to the Media department at AutoQuotes about attaching high-quality photos and videos, like those included on their website, onto RITZ's products in the AQ Catalog using DocLinks. Caitlin stated that she definitely "plans to push these into AQ," starting with "washing instructions," “demonstration videos” and "more lifestyle photography."

New Products for Restaurants

The John Ritzenthaler Company also plans to bring "more fashion-forward apparel" to the FES industry. Plans include a wider variety of color options and contemporary designs for their apparel line and bringing their popular range of placemats and napkins from the retail side to restaurants. Look for these items to appear inside of AQ in the future.

Thanks for Visiting

We want to thank Caitlin for visiting AutoQuotes. 3E Forums are available to all AQ publishers on a first-come, first served basis from April through October. We host the Forums at the AutoQuotes office in Jacksonville, Florida. AQ publishers can contact their AQ Content Account Manager to learn more about creating a 3E Forum experience.

Let’s Talk

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