July 8, 2020

Quarter 2 Update from AQ’s CEO, Jim Contardi

It’s now July, and most of us are still operating in the arrangements that began in March, intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Positively, the foodservice sector began to reopen in June, albeit in modified operations and the uncertainty that comes with the uptick in reported cases.  Despite the severe, sudden, and ongoing impact that the pandemic has had on this sector, there is a resilience to be respected across the range of operators and the value chain that serves them.

For AQ, as a software company, it has been comparatively easier – we don’t need to make or move physical products to physical locations.  That said, we have been trying to do our part to improve operations for our customers that do.  For Dealers - has your team implemented Order Acceptance into their AQ quoting process? It’s a clever, touch-free way to convert quotes to orders with an automated workflow.  How about AQ Pay, where you can deliver an elegant, B2C-like customer experience with market-competitive merchant processing rates?  For Manufacturers – have you experimented with AQ Insight Pro?  It delivers detailed insights as to how your products are performing in the market, allowing you to fine tune your product marketing.  Learn about these new developments and more in this newsletter.

Over the past 90 days, I have had conversations with many of you. Understanding your priorities have directly informed our product roadmap. We are excited about a number of new developments that we will be announcing later in 2020.  Until then, be safe and healthy; and stay resilient.

With my best regards,

Jim Contardi - CEO, Revalize

Jim is the Chief Executive Officer of Revalize. the parent company of AQ. Jim’s leadership style is molded by more than 20 years of working with and helping grow remarkable teams. With a career in technology, he brings a clear understanding of how to leverage technology to solve problems and improve operations on behalf of customers.

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