July 9, 2020

ICYMI: FAQ’s for AQ’s Products API

We recently launched the AQ Products API for manufacturers and dealers. The Products API provides a gateway to leverage AQ’s comprehensive and standardized data to support eCommerce sites, ERP systems, and other internal business systems. We recently hosted a live webinar introducing the API to present the ease of use, technical information, and highlight the value of this tool. The Products API  minimizes the manual lift of keeping your product data uniform across all your platforms.

To find out more about the AQ Products API, you can visit the product webpage, or connect directly with our sales team at sales@AQ-FES.com. In the meantime, we wanted to address some frequently asked questions from our most recent webinar to get you up to speed on the capabilities of this powerful new tool from AQ.

What kind of product data is available through the Products API?

The API returns many different data fields including, product images, categories, descriptions, spec sheets, catalog pages and other product documentation, certifications, prices, GTINs, CAD blocks and Revit families, warnings (ex: “prop65”), and more.

Can I select specific data fields to pull?

Yes, you can select which data fields you would like to use every time you utilize the API. For a complete list of available fields, you can visit the AQ Products API developer page at www.developer.AQ-FES.com.

My company doesn’t have IT resources in house. Can AQ help?

AQ can help you connect you with a technology partner that can evaluate your needs and help you implement the Products API into your business.

Is the data real-time?

Yes! The API returns all product data right from AQ that is updated and managed daily by AQ’s content team, so you can be sure that the information you publish across your platforms is the most up-to-date information.

How often do I need to use the Products API to ensure the most accurate product data?

AQ is continuously updated based on the content submission we receive from our listing manufacturers. To maintain the most up-to-date information, you should access the API regularly to keep your systems accurate.

Are any fields editable, or will my product data be the same as other companies also selling the same products?

The listing manufacturer provides the marketing and product descriptions available through the API. If you customize your product and marketing descriptions for your eCommerce site, you can elect not to call the product descriptions when using the Products API.

Is there a plan to sunset the FEDA Feed?

Given the advances made by the Products API, we expect that it will replace the FEDA Feed in the future. The AQ Products API provides all the functionality of the FEDA Feed, plus enhanced access to richer data that customers have been asking for for years. It does so by leveraging modern API technology that keeps your data up-to-date at all times, which eliminates the need to download the outdated "data dumps" used by the FEDA Feed. We don't yet have a date on the sunset of the FEDA Feed, but we will provide ample notice and support for customers that have not adopted the AQ Products API before that time.

Have a question? Our sales team has the answer. Connect with us at sales@AQ-FES.com.

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Juleen Ayres - Sr. Marketing Manager

Juleen Ayres is a Sr. Marketing Manager at Revalize, AQ's parent company. She joined the team in 2016 with more than 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing. Juleen is responsible for keeping our customers educated and informed about AQ's solutions, services, and events.

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