August 22, 2018

Orion Trading & Design Visits AutoQuotes

Founded in 1987, Orion Trading & Design is a manufacturer of handcrafted tableware including Mexican bar and drinking glasses, ceramic stoneware, stainless steel tableware and more.

Orion's tagline is Stars of the Table, and we had a star at our table today. Intern and AQ Admin, Daniel Kelley recently visited our office for a 3E Forum. Together he and our team discussed best practices for optimizing their presence in the AQ Catalog, how to use AQ more efficiently and advanced features. We also asked Daniel a few questions about being new to the industry and a millennial.

A newcomer to the industry, we asked Daniel how he found out about Orion Trading & Design and what duties he handles on a day-to-day basis.

"I found out about Orion Trading & Design from my neighbor, who happens to be the owner, Jim de Girolamo. Since being offered an internship, I've done a lot of work as a project leader mainly focused on digital marketing.” Projects that Daniel has helped lead include, the revamp of Orion’s retail website, boosting their social media presence and publishing products in AQ.

What do you think of the FES industry so far?

"It's different. As a regular person, it's not an industry that you think of. I'm surprised how large the industry is."

Working on his college degree, we also asked Daniel how he thinks millennials will shape the FES industry moving forward?

"More technology. I think things will become a lot more automated. We still have dealers and reps calling about the status of their orders."

How was your experience with the 3E Forum?

"I've learned a lot about what AutoQuotes offers — that we didn't know. I learned how to effectively use AQ and about features that will help us moving forward. I would say 50% of Orion Trading & Design’s phone calls are from our customers checking on the status of their orders; I'm going to tell my boss about your OrderStatus feature ASAP. I'm also excited about using 360º degree photos to show our products to our customers."

After Daniel’s visit, AutoQuotes Content Manager Stephanie Tileston received the following kind words from Orion Trading & Design’s President, Jim de Girolamo:

"[Daniel] texted me yesterday ... and expressed how excited he is with your presentations and how he can’t wait to share what he learned.  I am so pleased Orion is partnered with AutoQuotes. A company is a reflection of the people who work for it, and AQ shines bright."

We want to thank Daniel for visiting us and Jim’s kind message. 3E Forums run now through October, based upon availability. We host the Forums at our office in Jacksonville, Florida. To learn more, contact your Content Account Manager, and we’ll work together to create your 3E experience.

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