October 8, 2020

Optimizing Your AQ Content is Easier Than You Think

Whether you have been listing on AQ for years or are brand new to AQ, optimizing your content is critical to maximizing your company's potential on the platform. With over 20,000 subscribers relying on AQ every day, it's essential to keep your listings updated and perform regular content audits to ensure your data is up to date. Our Content Services team are experts on what moves the needle on AQ and shared some best practices to follow to ensure that your products end up on AQ quotes.

Updates To Your Products 

We know that updates need to happen throughout the year to keep your product data up to date. Our Content Services Team recently implemented a simplified process to minimize the lift on your end and expedite the turnaround time on requests. Instead of emailing back and forth with the Content Services Team contacts, you can submit all requests to a single email address: content@AQ-FES.com. Your request is routed automatically to the Account Manager responsible for your AQ product listings. You can learn more about the new process here. AQ also recommends using the AQ-provided Excel spreadsheet for price list updates, adding new products, and updating existing content for the quickest turnaround. For more ways to expedite your product updates, view our blog post here.


With nearly 900,000 product images on the platform, how can you make your images stand out? We get this question a lot. Our first recommendation is to make sure each of your products has at least two images. Secondly: make sure your images are high-resolution. High-quality images help eliminate any confusion a dealer or rep might have about the product. Products with multiple high-resolution images are also more likely to get quoted on the platform.


The AQ platform makes it easy for dealers and reps to customize your product for the perfect fit. If your product has multiple configurations or accessories available, make sure dealers and reps can build and price the equipment precisely as their customers require it to eliminate any confusion, pricing surprises, and phone inquiries. Whether it's as simple as choosing a color and finish options to configuring a complex warewashing machine, AQ empowers our users to make the right selections for the job.


Installing equipment can be tricky and relies on contracted professionals to interpret the utility needs of the build.  One small mistake in utility information can chew up profit margins and set back the project timeline.  We host an array of utility information on AQ, including water connections, gas hook-ups, electrical info, and steam requirements, so the job’s done right the first time. Unlike other design solutions on the market, utilities on AQ are curated by a team of CFSP professionals who are continually making updates for accuracy. All our utility data are ready to complete your AQ Designer schedule, so you always have the most up-to-date information from the Manufacturer in your build.


AQ offers multiple certification badges on the platform. A user can filter by certification to find narrow search results to find what they need faster. With improving efficiency and saving money at the top of all of our to-do lists, this could make or break whether your equipment ends up in an operator's kitchen. You can find a full list of certifications that AQ offers here.

For more best practices and suggestions, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or customersuccess@AQ-FES.com to learn more about how you can maximize the value of AQ.

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Ashley Wehrkamp - Digital Marketing Specialist

Ashley is a digital marketing specialist at AQ. She is focused on creating compelling (and useful!) visual content across AQ’s digital channels. Ashley came aboard the AQ team in 2019 bringing a new perspective to AQ’s digital communications game.

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