January 14, 2021

New Standards Set for Selling in FES

Digital Selling and Customer Engagement Tools Meet Changing Ordering Habits


Old habits are hard to break. The practice of B2B ordering from a catalog, phone call, and fax is no longer sustainable. The digital selling age has begun. The digital transformation started long before 2020, but Covid-19 accelerated its adoption across many industries when face-to-face selling was made nearly impossible, trade show interaction paused, and brick-and-mortar store restrictions went into effect.
Businesses that did not have an eCommerce or a digital ordering strategy had to quickly rethink how to digitally engage, communicate, and sell to buyers in the new normal.

Introducing Axonom

In late 2020, AutoQuotes acquired Axonom, a visual configuration provider with virtual reality and augmented reality extensions. The combination of AQ’s FES-industry leading CPQ solution and Axonom’s visual configuration suite provides FES manufacturers, dealers, reps, and consultants with web-based tools to quickly build and visually present design concepts with suggested products in the buyer’s unique footprint.

visually configured equipment

Axonom has a successful track record with manufacturers across several industries, including FES. Manufacturers that have embraced Powertrak’s 3D, AR, and VR state-of-the-art technologies take their customer experience to the next level with:


The sales process has many obstacles and bottlenecks. Why not reduce this friction? Equip the sales rep with robust tools to work one-on-one with a customer without an engineer’s assistance.

Order with Confidence

Ordering large products, expensive products, and complex products are factors that slow the selling process. Decision-makers want to know what the configured product(s) look like, the cost, and how everything fits and appears in the space before deciding. Visualization and immersive virtual reality play a significant role in keeping the approval process moving along.

Advanced Technology

Andre Agassi famously said in Canon commercials, “Image is Everything.” Using visual and virtual solutions leaves a memorable impression on your target audience, and this ‘wow factor’ gives your company a leg up on the competition.

AQ and Axonom are here to help forward-thinking organizations add digital sales and customer engagement tools to their sales and marketing processes. If you are still on the fence about whether these types of technologies can help you grow sales, let’s give Gartner the last word:

Mark David Lewis wrote in the Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration report, “The first organizations to adopt visual configurations in their industry experience substantial competitive advantage and cost savings. Competitors will have to react quickly with their own visual configuration initiatives to remain competitive.”

To schedule a demo or learn more about how your organization can leverage these technologies, contact us at sales@AQ-FES.com. For more information about Axonom, visit www.AQ-Q2C.com.

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Michael Bauer - Senior Marketing Manager at Axonom

Michael Bauer is the senior marketing manager at Axonom, the global provider of visual configure, price, quote (CPQ) software solutions with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. He is responsible for Axonom’s digital marketing, content creation, and product communication. Since joining the company in 2007, Michael leverages various mediums to showcase how manufacturers improve sales quoting and ordering processes, and how marketers deliver compelling customer experiences through the use of Powertrak Visual and Virtual CPQ suite of solutions.

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To learn more about publishing with AutoQuotes, subscribing to AutoQuotes, questions about our products and solutions, or to schedule a demo contact the AutoQuotes sales team at sales.uk@aq-fes.com

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