March 21, 2018

New Product Announcement – AQ SKU

You spend valuable time searching online for what your customers want – yet you might not know the items they want are right in your own warehouse, ready to go. That’s why we’ve introduced AQ SKU, which lets you search, filter and choose your inventory alongside other products in the AQ Catalog and create all your quotes using AQ.

With AQ SKU, an easy-to-use integration solution, your company can bulk-upload product information from your inventory system or enterprise resource planning (ERP) management system right into the AQ Catalog. You can upload inventory files through AQ SKU as often as you want. The AQ Catalog will update in minutes after the upload, so you know you’re always quoting with the most up-to-date information.

You’re also in control of pricing – you set your own prices and customized pricing levels. When an item is quoted, the appropriate pricing level will automatically be applied.

AQ SKU has the added benefit of complementing and reinforcing your company’s branding efforts. You can upload any type of inventory items you sell – rebranded, white-labeled or custom – using your company’s stock numbers, as well as your own images, spec sheets and other data.

Set-up involves your administrator accessing the AQ SKU browser-based mapping tool, to define how your inventory information is laid out in your files. Once set-up is complete, your administrator can upload inventory easily from your ERP or inventory management systems at any time, with just the push of a button.

To learn more about AQ SKU, pricing and our 90-day free trial, contact the AutoQuotes sales team at or our customer support department at or (866) 452-8324 .

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