February 20, 2018

Complete Your Quote with Leasing Options

More Leasing Options in the AQ Application

To help you better serve your customers, AutoQuotes continues to expand the number of leasing companies available in the AQ application.

Here is the current listing of leasing companies available within AQ –

In the U.S.:

  • Firstlease
  • Marlin
  • Navitas
  • Summit
  • Vend Lease

In Canada:

  • Econolease

In the UK:

  • Johnson Reed

In addition, certain manufacturers use specific leasing companies:

  • Vollrath – Summit
  • Russell Hendrix – Culinary Capital

To access or add the leasing option:

The leasing option is added at the bottom of a quoted project and is accessed through the Print function. Choose Print, either next to a project on the main screen or within a project itself.

Main screen -

Within a project -

Selecting the print function will generate the Report Viewer. A drop-down menu for Leasing Company options is shown in the right-hand side Print Options details panel, in the Totals section.

The leasing company’s information will appear at the bottom of the generated quote.

Please note that the leasing amount is based on all items in the project. If your customer wants to lease certain equipment while buying other equipment or supplies, the leased and non-leased items must be grouped together in separate projects.

Also, note that the last choice you make from the drop-down menu for Leasing Company (including “None”) will remain in place the next time you generate a quote. We recommend that you don’t let your last choice become a “default.” Different leasing companies offer different rates at different times so it’s always beneficial to compare regularly.

If you have any questions on accessing or adding the leasing options within the AQ application, you can contact Customer Support at (866) 452-8324 or support@aqnet.com. You should address any questions regarding leasing agreements, terms, rates and approvals directly to the leasing companies.

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