December 13, 2017

More CFSP Exam Success for AutoQuotes Employees

We’re thrilled to announce that eight more AutoQuotes employees have passed the Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP) exam. This comes less than two months after nine employees received their CFSP certifications.

AutoQuotes CFSP Graduates

Our new CFSPs: (back row, l to r) John Redman and Gary Dunkle; (middle, l to r) Misty Royce, Kristy Eiler and Bonnie Elwell; (front l to r) Stephanie Tileston, Dina Greene and Susan Cantrell

Our newest CFSPs are:

  • Susan Cantrell (Content Team Lead)
  • Gary Dunkle (Content Specialist)
  • Kristy Eiler (Content Specialist)
  • Bonnie Elwell (Content Specialist)
  • Dina Greene (Content Account Manager)
  • John Redman (Content Team Lead)
  • Misty Royce (Chief of Kitchen Police)
  • Stephanie Tileston (Content Account Manager)

“Now, almost 60 percent of our content team, including all of our content account managers and content team leads, are CFSPs,” said Donna Smith, director of content (and a CFSP). “Our content team deals day-to-day with the manufacturers that publish in the AQ Catalog, and pursuing CFSP certifications demonstrates our dedication to serving them at the highest level.”

“There was a lot of information to cover – it was intimidating,” said Gary Dunkle. “But it gives us a greater understanding of what goes on in the entire industry, from the conception of a restaurant to its opening and operations.”

“We learned a lot from our group that passed in October,” said Stephanie Tileston. “They helped us with the study process. It was a very collaborative effort.”

“I think that some people may view us as just a software company,” said Misty Royce. “Having CFSPs shows that we’re more than that. We’re a true part of the FES industry and we know what we’re doing.”

“It’s important to note that we are pursuing CFSP because we want too, not because we’re required to,” said John Redman. “AutoQuotes has believed in us and has been supportive and generous with opportunities to accumulate CFSP-required points, time to study, and expense reimbursement.”

“With the nine AutoQuotes employees that passed in October, and the three who were certified previously, we now have 20 employees, out of 69 total, that are CFSP certified,” said Rob Morgan, AutoQuotes’ vice-president of operations. “That is truly remarkable and reflects AutoQuotes’ commitment to the FES industry.”

Kristy Eiler summed it all up. “There’s a VIP section for CFSPs at the NAFEM Show,” said Kristy. “They’re going to need a bigger room.”

Read about our employees who previously passed: CFSP Exam Success for Nine AutoQuotes Employees

Read about how our groups prepared: Boiling Down CFSP Exam Prep

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