June 3, 2016

Meet the Staff – Judist Crews

For ten years, Judist Crews has been improving customer satisfaction with AutoQuotes. He started out as a tech support specialist and is now the Manager of Tech Support. Along the way, he's gained a reputation with the company and our customers. We know him as calm, hard working, helpful, and detail oriented with every project he takes on. Customers always let us know that they see him as someone they can count on.  While at AutoQuotes, Judist has been the chosen point of contact with many customers and he's been asked to do face-to-face training at companies in the past. More recently he's done multiple online webinars. Judist's strategy with working with customers is to not just answer their questions, but to help them understand how to solve them.  This strategy "empowers them" so that the person might come to the conclusion on their own when dealing with future issues.

"I'm not looking for someone else to improve it, I'm going to improve it."

Although Judist is Manager of Tech Support, he still takes calls and works with customers daily. However, he is also able to spend more time working on improving support tools, resources and processes. He writes many of the weekly "Tech Tips" that are easily available on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Judist also writes most of the articles found in the Help Center. As a self-starter, these are educational solutions that Judist maintains because he knows users want to find solutions to their issues quickly and utilize the software more effectively. 

"I lift her up, she lifts me up." (Judist talking about his wife)


Judist is loyal to his work.  But he is most passionate about his family, which includes his wife Christen, his two sons (born a year apart in the same month!) Jacob and Michael, and his daughter, Crystal. They love spending time together as a family and are very active in their church. Christen and Judist love to hike and have trekked different sections of the Appalachian Trail over the years, with the goal that one day they will see the whole thing. In fact, Judist proposed to Christen at the top of The Chimney Tops in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN. They even travelled back to Gatlinburg, TN to get married close to their beloved mountains. Here's a fun fact about their wedding - Judist was the wedding planner! Judist even joined Christen to pick out her wedding dress. It shows that he is not only helpful at the office, but he serves his family as well.

Tenacious. Loyal. Charitable.

Three words that describe Judist are Tenacious, Loyal, and Charitable. It is easy to see why Judist, with a little help from Christen, chose these words to describe himself. Anyone who's worked with Judist would agree with this description. The side of him that is less known is his artistic side. He has a background in graphic design and layout. He also recently rekindled his passion for photography. A few months ago, Judist climbed a highway median at 3:00 am just to catch just the right shot of the traffic and lights coming over the Dames Point bridge. His family are also popular subjects for his photography, but his is love lies in shooting landscapes.

Although Judist recently celebrated his ten-year anniversary with AutoQuotes, we look forward to seeing what his future brings with customers and the company. Working with computers since he was 18, his experience, kind demeanor, and hard work are the model for what the company looks for in an employee.

Stay tuned for the next Meet the Staff!

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