April 29, 2016

Meet the Staff – Jonathan Orellana

Jonathan Orellana

When Jonathan started working for AutoQuotes, five years ago, he thought he was going to be working in the IT department. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was hired to be part of AutoQuotes tech support. Instead of working mostly with computers he would be working with customers, taking phone calls and answering questions. Rather than be ruffled by this change in expectation, he instead embraced the idea. This is how Jonathan takes on every new responsibility given to him.

"It is funny though, because I thought when I was hired here. I thought I was being hired for IT, it wasn't clear to me that I would be dealing with customers...I was like, oh, great! I get to deal with customers. I am really happy it happened, I got to work with customers, I got to work with the product."

Early in his time at AutoQuotes, Jonathan was asked to translate the AutoQuotes help videos into Spanish (Jonathan is fluent in Spanish), even though Jonathan didn't have any experience in making videos. His calm voice, hard work, and his drive for perfection led to the company wanting him to do more and more with videos. He eventually ended up assisting in the creation of the tutorial and marketing videos for the company.

Along the way, the company began their shift from "in person" training "roadshows" to online webinars. It was a natural fit for Jonathan to take on the online trainings and he put the same hard work into his webinars. Eventually, Jonathan was promoted to a new position where he could focus solely on webinars and videos for the company.

Today, Jonathan sits in his office surrounded by screens, a microphone, speakers, and a few headsets. It looks like a mini radio studio in there! If you've ever attended an AutoQuotes webinar or watched a video, you've most likely heard Jonathan's voice. Soon, Jonathan will be increasing his focus even more to focus solely on videos in his new role, Video Production Manager.

So, who is the man behind the voice? Jonathan has been married for about 13 years to his wife Beverly and has three children, Ariana, Andres, and Andrea. His devotion to Jehovah's Witnesses and his family are what is most important to him. Jonathan enjoys spending most of his free time away from AutoQuotes bowling, playing sports, singing, and going on outings with his family. He also greatly enjoys shopping. Travelling is a favorite pastime and most recently he did a road trip where they made stops in Cleveland, New York, and ended the trip in Washington D.C. Even though they brought along their three children, he says it was a calming experience and hopes to continue to do more trips like that in the future.

"Its awesome, you know? I can't imagine my life without them." (Talking about his family)


Passionate. Adaptable. Dependable.

Three words to describe Jonathan are Passionate, Adaptable, and Dependable. It is part of why he was able to transition from one position at the company to another so easily. These characteristics have made AutoQuotes thankful that Jonathan joined the team 5 years ago. You can watch Jonathan's help videos on our website here

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