February 26, 2016

Meet the Staff – Donna Smith

Donna Smith

"I feel I was lucky... It was the E.H. Thompson connection that brought me to AutoQuotes."

As the Content Director at AutoQuotes, Donna Smith plays a vital role which is integral to both the company and its customers alike. She is responsible for all content within the AQ Catalog. She oversees a team of five Content and Media Managers and a combined team of twenty Content and Media Specialists. With Donna's leadership, the Content Department takes great care in ensuring all product data and multimedia (such as descriptions, pricing, categories, images, specification sheets, video links, etc.) are accurate and up-to-date. Donna is highly respected by her coworkers having been a valued AutoQuotes employee for eighteen years - longer than anyone else in the Content Department. Donna was working at E.H. Thompson in Jacksonville when she first learned of an opening in AutoQuotes' Content Department. Over the years, she has built a reputation for being structured and consistent, two qualities which make her invaluable to AutoQuotes. She is known for "getting the job done".

"Being very consistent, 100% of the time and always following through. Doing it right all the time. Never just okay, the Catalog has to be perfect."

Away from AutoQuotes, Donna loves spending time with her family. Whether joining a bowling league to support her youngest son when he wanted to take up the sport or rooting for the Jaguars on Sundays from their seats at the stadium, Donna is committed to being the best wife and mother she can be - even if that means having a bowling average of 100.


"I love my husband, my kids and my grandkids. It is what my world revolves around, my family. Whatever my children are doing, I am passionate about".

Donna also enjoys browsing Costco and shopping for great deals. When life slows down, she cherishes her time reading mystery books and watching crime dramas like NCIS. Donna got her 15 seconds of fame when she was a contestant on the Price is Right and won a console television!

"It's amazing. I got married after I started at AutoQuotes, I had a child and now my child is about to turn 16 and drive. I haven't been here my whole life but a good majority of it."

Donna is a respected supervisor, a loyal wife, mother and grandmother. We are thankful she decided to take the plunge back in 1998 and joined what was then a budding company called AutoQuotes.

Stay tuned for the next "Meet the Staff"!

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