February 9, 2016

Meet the Staff – Anthony Manzano

Anthony Manzano "MACDaddy"

If AutoQuotes is part of your daily routine, you've probably heard the reassuring voice of Anthony Manzano, whether answering technology questions or leading a webinar. Anthony is in his eighth year as a tech support specialist with AutoQuotes. He spends a good part of each day answering questions by phone and email. He also hosts hundreds of webinars, including many in Spanish. Although he is comfortable working with all types of computers and software programs, Anthony is most known for his skills with Apple products and has earned the nickname "the MACDaddy.".

"I try to help in any way I can...to get into AutoQuotes and get working"

The MACDaddy's start at AutoQuotes happened with a little help from his wife, Betty. They had just moved to Jacksonville from Miami when she found the ad for the job on Craigslist. Since Athony had a background working with computers, he says he initially wasn't so sure about "working for a car company." Lucky for all of us, he eventually figured out that "AutoQuotes" has nothing to do with automobiles and … four interviews later … the process ended with an offer from AutoQuotes president, Michael Greenwald, to join the company.

Beyond the office, Anthony's story is far from ordinary. Born in New Jersey, his family came to the US from Cuba to escape the Fidel Castro reign. While his parents were both born in Cuba, his mother's mom was born in Germany and his mother's dad in Italy. With that in mind it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Anthony's favorite choice for dinner is Italian, he loves his pizza. Going out to eat and trying new restaurants is one of his favorite activities with his family. He also loves riding dirt bikes, scuba diving in the ocean, and shooting targets with his son. Anthony also has a hobby that has brought him to the big screen, investigating paranormal activity. You can see Anthony in action on an episode of the "Local Haunts". That wasn't Anthony's only time on TV, however. While living in Miami he had roles in several television shows and movies, including playing a bodyguard in a telenovela.

Anthony's many interesting hobbies aside, he cherishes his family above all else. He and wife Betty have been married for almost 22 years. They have one son, Jake, age 17. Rounding out the Manzano clan are two adorable dogs, a shih tzu named Cocoa and a Boston Terrier named Spike.

"What is most important to me is my family. Everything else you can make do without or replace with something else."

Back in the office, Anthony is known for his jubilant personality, always willing to help in any way he can and everyone at AutoQuotes is thankful to have him on the team. The MACDaddy is available to answer your questions about AutoQuotes along with the rest of the Tech Support team. You can reach Anthony by email at amanzano@aqnet.com or call toll-free at 866-452-8324.

Stay tuned for the next Meet the Staff!

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