September 15, 2016

Measuring Up: Defining Dimensions in AQ

Measuring Up: Defining Dimensions in AutoQuotes

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Whether your customers are searching for a six burner gas range, three door refrigerator or two step coffee warmer, product dimensions play a major role in their overall product selection. AutoQuotes understood this when developing its online catalog 26 years ago and still gets it today. That's why AQ includes standardized dimensions.

Height, width and depth are the terms used in the AQ Catalog. Once a product is selected, this information is displayed in the products "Details" panel on the right of the screen.

Contributing catalog partners may submit dimensions using different terminology. Some describe their product measurements using length x width x height, others use length x depth x height. This is where AutoQuotes' Content Department steps in. AQ Content Specialists review product specification sheets to determine the correct value to place into the "Dimensions" section, using the standardized AQ terminology.

Using the image below as an example, the highlighted dimensions are defined as follows:

(h) Height = Overall product dimension (top to bottom, when facing the product), in inches.

(w) Width = Overall product dimension (left to right, when facing the product), in inches.

(d) Depth = Overall product dimension (front to back, when facing the product), in inches. 

While AQ does not use "length" as a dimension field, customers will be able to see it referenced in a number of product descriptions within the AQ Catalog. 

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Written by:
Linda Follmer, Content Manager

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