October 7, 2020

Margin Booster Triple-Play

Three Ways for Dealers to Boost Margins with New AQ Products and Features

Let’s face it, these are difficult times to be selling foodservice equipment and supplies. Independent operators are closing their doors, national chains have hit the pause button on new units, the education and C&I operators are struggling, and it’s very difficult to predict when the effects of this pandemic will pass. Order margin has always been important, but no more so than today when every basis point counts. That is why we are introducing our triple-play of margin enhancers:

  1. AQ Pay 
  2. Merchant Processing Fee Surcharging 
  3. Energy Solutions Rebates 

AQ Pay puts our payment widget directly on your quote so your customer can accept your quote and pay for it all in one seamless, modern payments experience. Within the payment widget, your customer can choose ACH/eCheck, Debit, Credit, or even arrange financing with near-instant approvals through Currency.  

How does AQ Pay boost your margin? 

  • Instead of financing your customer’s purchases from your own balance sheet (e.g. on Net 30 terms), you get paid within 2 business days of the transaction 
  • When your customer chooses Financing, a portion of the financing fees goes to you. The greater your volume of financing, the greater your share of the fees 
  • We offer market competitive merchant processing fees 
  • AQ Pay is available to you, as a dealer, with $0 license fees 

Merchant Processing Fee Surcharging is an optional feature of AQ Pay.  With surcharging, you can choose to have your customers pay the merchant processing fees associated with credit card transactions or use it to steer your customers to lower cost forms of payment – all without stepping afoul of complex state and local regulations.   

How does Interpayments boost your margin? 

  • When your customer chooses a high cost form of payment, you can choose to add that cost to the price of the deal rather than absorb that cost yourself, saving you up to 4% on every deal 
  • You can steer your customers to lower cost forms of payment, like Debit or ACH 
  • Surcharging is available to you, as a dealer, with $0 license fees 

Energy Solutions is an AQ partner that offers rebates and incentives for selling energy-efficient equipment. Together, we made it easy to search for and discover rebate eligible products within AQ CPQ. All you need to do is help your customer select rebate-eligible, energy-saving equipmentWhile your customer will receive the product at a lower price, Energy Solutions will reimburse you that amount plus a sales incentive for selling an eligible product. All this will enable you to sell higher margin products more easily – what’s not to love?

A view of rebate-eligible products on AQ

How does Energy Solutions boost your margin? 

  • With the help of the rebate to the customer, you can sell higher-priced equipment with less discounting and your customer still gets a great value 
  • When your customer claims their rebate, you get a sales incentive as well 
  • Selling energy efficient equipment will save your customer on utilities in the long run, generating customer trust and maintaining loyalty 
  • Use of Energy Solutions within AQ is available to you, as a dealer, at $0 cost 

Are you leaving money on the table? Reach out to us at sales@AQ-FES.com to find out what easy steps you can take today to boost your margins. 

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David Demres - VP Marketing & Strategic Development

David is passionate about building extraordinary organizations focused on people and empowerment. At AQ, he pursues game-changing partnerships and communicates AQ’s vision to our industry and the world. Prior to AQ, David was responsible for new markets expansion and partnerships for Light Wave Dental, a market-leading Dental Service Organization. He has previously worked for the Boston Consulting Group and Yale University, in addition to a career as a triathlete. David earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, an MPA from Harvard, and a B.A. from Yale, where he ran Track and Cross Country. Personally, David is lover of all things health and fitness related, as well as a casual dining enthusiast.

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