March 10, 2017

Making ‘Cents’ of AutoQuotes

Meet our New CFO

Shane Cormier and family

The Cormier Family (L - R) Daughter Renee', Wife Janet, Daughter Hannah, and Shane.

A retired race car driver with a focus on the future … that describes AutoQuotes’ new CFO, Shane Cormier.  You might say that Shane sure knows how to burn up the track and handle the books, but can he handle the pressure of our tough questions? Find out below:

Q. Where did you work after graduating college?

A. After college I worked for Northrop Grumman in Louisiana for about six years. From there, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida and accepted a position with Boeing. I had the opportunity at both companies to work on semi-black projects involving F-18’s and air to ground surveillance planes.

During my time at Boeing, my outside interest focused on car racing. I worked hard to get into NASCAR. In 2000, I came really close to making it as a driver in the Grand National Series and, in 2001, I had an interview with Joe Gibbs Racing. Without a sponsor that could afford the move to the national level, I decided to put racing aside to focus on my family and career.

Q. What can you tell us about your family?

A. I have a beautiful wife, Janet and two gorgeous girls, Renee' and Hannah. My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last summer. My two girls … actually they are both young ladies now … are 25 and 17.

Q. What do you like to do outside of work these days?

A. I love to snow ski. I know that it's hard to do in Florida, but I do it whenever I can. I also enjoy playing tennis, which is a sport I can play here in Jacksonville. And regardless of what activities I am doing, I always enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Q. What eventually drew you to Finance?

A. When I began college, I was really interested in the stock market and that’s why I started with a Finance degree and later got an Accounting degree, CPA license and so on. Over time, I think that my mind has developed to be more numeric. I now think a lot in the form of numbers, metrics and spreadsheets.

Q. Why AutoQuotes?

A. From the first day that I interviewed, I could tell there was something special about AutoQuotes. Everywhere you look in the office there are employees working together, and the workspace is definitely set up for lots of collaboration. AutoQuotes has a lot of areas where employees can get together to brainstorm, have meetings and document ideas on the many whiteboards (or glass surfaces) scattered around the office.

I interviewed with a number of different companies, but ultimately it was the environment and collaborative spirit that made me choose to work at AutoQuotes.

Shane Cormier Race Car

AutoQuotes' Shane Cormier and his #17 race car.

Q. Do you still race?

A. The last time I stepped into a race car was February 2001.

Q. What car do you drive now?
A. Subaru Outback.

Q. American Muscle or Import cars?

A. Import. I do also like American Muscle. The last race car that I drove was part of a modified class. That car raced on dirt and asphalt. It had a 68’ Chevelle front stub and was the fastest car in the class that year.

Q. What’s your favorite food?

A. That’s hard! I’m an omnivore so I’ll eat anything. I’m also from Louisiana, so as many of you may know “Louisianans” will eat anything. I do like Asian food. I also like Hispanic food. I just like food.

Q. What’s your favorite dessert?

A. Something dark chocolate.

Q. What’s your favorite color?

A. Red.

Q. Do you prefer to be dressed up or dressed down?

A. Dressed down but I am use to wearing business clothes at work.

Q. Are you a book person?

A. I don’t read a lot. I’m a very informational reader. I have trouble reading for enjoyment. So I don’t read novels, but I’ll read for data. I’m definitely more of a movie watcher than a reader.

Q. French Fries or nachos?

A. Nachos.

Q. Muffuletta or Beignet?

A. Both.

Q. Is Batman a superhero or just a regular person?

A. He’s a superhero.

Q. What genre of movie do you prefer?

A. I love action movies and I am a big James Bond fan. I grew up with Roger Moore as Bond.

Q. What do you think about NAFEM?

A. This year was my first NAFEM Show, and I thought it was a great conference. I was impressed to see all of the new product demonstrations. And the innovation was amazing. For example, InSinkErator is moving into the biofuel transportation business. That is really forward thinking. It’s great to be involved with an industry like FES.

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