April 30, 2021

Preparing an Effective Recipe for Kitchen Safety After the Pandemic

There are many elements involved in perfecting an effective, streamlined strategy when it comes to kitchen safety. But what does this mean in the post-pandemic age? It’s easy to feel like you’re getting pulled in many directions, hence decision fatigue. It’s a thing and has become prevalent with a large portion of the adult population. Thankfully, our team is here to help you navigate through shifting expectations for kitchen safety.

Finding your new essentials

Let’s face it, the market is saturated with new solutions that—when jumbled up together—make it difficult to decipher which ones are legitimately worth investing in. It’s important to deduce which products work for your specific business.

Restaurant safety is not just about compliance anymore. Consumer behavior is driving operators to implement flexible policies that give patrons peace of mind. Sanitation is still a top concern for many who are choosing to return to their local dining spots. Buyer’s Edge reports that orders for disinfectant and sanitizer products by restaurants rose 36% during the pandemic and are poised to continue at that level.

While health restrictions are lifted at varying degrees, restaurants are expected to continue including some degree of COVID-related safety equipment for the foreseeable future. Many of these products are sold in bundles, much like family-style meals are sold at restaurants for groups of different sizes. Purchasing kits like these eases the cost of buying the products by type and allows you to select based on the size of an operation.

Pictured: Front of the House HBU001 Health Safety Kit

From fine dining to fast-food chains, you'll always need to be prepared for the unexpected. Incorporating reliable fire safety equipment is crucial to your operations. Manufacturers of these products have been working to develop modern options that detect risks early and trigger reactions quickly and efficiently. Whether you need parts, accessories, or a full system, you can find the products you require on our platform by searching through brands or categories.

Pictured: Amerex MRM Mechanical System

Products like these act as preventative measures that give both staff and patrons reassurance that operators are taking proper actions to ensure their safety. COVID -related products are not expected to go anywhere quite yet. This is especially important to note as we move forward with flexible policies and varying comfort levels from consumers that are starting to visit establishments. Many will still expect to see distancing guidelines, hygienic supplies such as hand sanitizer, and other items that ensure protection.

Something old, something new

Whether you’re searching for the latest products or looking for a reliable piece of equipment, you can leverage AQ’s platform to find the perfect product for you. Our CPQ software houses thousands of product listings in more than 30 safety-related categories with a variety of brands to choose from. Use your AQ credentials to start your search today!

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