January 14, 2021

A Q1 Update from AQ’s CEO, Jim Contardi

Among the many takeaways from 2020 – we all had to become more digitally proficient.  As business people, students, shoppers, diners, or whatever role we were in, much of our world turned from analog to digital.  The same applied to many of our businesses – the once analog channel for interacting with our customers and suppliers suddenly turned digital.  While my hope is that most of us will return to offices, classrooms, brick and mortar storefronts, and – of course – restaurants, dining halls, and entertainment venues, sometime this summer, I think we can be fairly certain that our businesses will not backtrack on the digital progress we have made. 

The “Future of Sales 2025” report recently published by Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.  Whether you are a dealer, designer, or manufacturer, we at AQ would like to help you embrace a digital-first future.  

In this newsletter, you can read about AQ Pay, and the new payment terms feature that will allow you to seamlessly integrate electronic payments and financing into your digital selling motion. We also have a feature on visual configuration, an exciting new digital selling tool made possible by our acquisition of Axonom in November of last year.  If you are a manufacturer of complex, configurable products, you will want to understand how visual configuration can help you drive sales across all your channels.  And finally, we have several data stories to share with you – data made possible by your support and activity on the AQ platform.  Thank you for being an AQ customer.

With Best Regards,

Jim Contardi - CEO, Revalize

Jim is the Chief Executive Officer of Revalize. the parent company of AQ. Jim’s leadership style is molded by more than 20 years of working with and helping grow remarkable teams. With a career in technology, he brings a clear understanding of how to leverage technology to solve problems and improve operations on behalf of customers.

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