March 10, 2017

In Case You Missed It

The NAFEM Show Wrap-up

If you were part of the 2500+ visitors to this year’s The NAFEM Show in Orlando, you may be thinking, “There were so many amazing exhibitors… I wonder what I missed.”  With over 500 exhibitors and a quarter-mile of convention floor to cover, you may not have made it to the AutoQuotes booth, so here’s a glimpse into what’s new with AQ.

AQ Designer 2017 and AQ Designer Deluxe

A lot of NAFEM attendees were impressed with the new version of AQ Designer 2017 and AQ Designer Deluxe. Both applications offer a new Dynamic Schedules feature that lets users edit text, color, row heights, column widths, table names and more … all on the fly. AQ Designer Deluxe takes all the features of AQ Designer and adds 3-D modeling. Designers can work with their own 3-D symbols or use symbols from the AQ Library to create stunning kitchen designs.   One unique feature that remains the same throughout the AQ Designer suite is the direct link to the AQ Catalog. This makes collaboration between consultants, dealers and reps a breeze.

AQ Designer Deluxe is now in the final stage of testing. Sign up today and be one of the first to receive a FREE 30-day trial.

AQ Analytics

The NAFEM Show was the ideal place for AutoQuotes to demonstrate its newest AQ feature, AQ Analytics.  This feature uses the quoting data from  your projects to generate real-time, customized visual reports that let you track your key quoting metrics in minutes. Flexible, drill-down capabilities let you view the data that is most relevant to to you.  The best part, AQ Analytics is a built-in feature in the application that is available to users at no additional cost.

New Catalog “Card View” Concept

AutoQuotes Demonstrations

Members of FEDA along with AutoQuotes' CEO Susannah Albright and VP of Program Development Bill Kessler taking in a demo of the AQ Catalog Concept.

NAFEM attendees also had the opportunity to look at and comment on a proposed new look for the AQ Catalog. AutoQuotes developers designed it the next generation of FES experts in mind by utilizing the Card View interface made popular by sites like Pinterest and Facebook. With the new Catalog concept, information is displayed in a clean format that is easily digestible and browsed.

We’ll keep you posted as for more information about the proposed new Catalog concept is available.

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