April 24, 2019

How AQ SKU Can Work for You

AQ SKU is a data integration tool that lets your company bulk upload products and product information into AQ. By equipping your team with data such as inventory counts and internal stock numbers, you can create a more efficient quoting process.

With SKU, you can update your product data as often as you need so your team can be confident that the information they see in your company’s AQ system is up-to-date.

Take a look at the infographic below or continue scrolling to see how this product can help create a more efficient quoting process for your organization.

Most organizations utilize an inventory system or an ERP to store product information such as inventory counts, internal stock numbers and custom price levels.

Using AQ SKU, you can bulk upload product data into AQ, using a simple CSV or automated FTP upload*, as often as you need.

Screenshot of the Import CSV tab inside of AQ SKU

With the uploaded product information, your sales team can search, filter and choose your custom products alongside those in AQ to create quotes.

A screenshot of AQ. Products with green-colored item numbers were bulk uploaded using AQ SKU

An empowered sales team is an efficient sales team. AQ SKU equips your team with the inventory and product information they need, in one system (AQ), to quickly make informed decisions while quoting.

To learn more about AQ SKU contact the AQ sales team at 866.452.8324 or sales@aqnet.com.

Click here to sign up for the 45-day free trial.

The Key Benefits of AQ SKU:
Bulk upload product data from your ERP.
All your products and information in one place.
Search and quote in-stock inventory.
Create and update custom products in minutes.
Stay up-to-date with automated updates*.

* Automated updates require the use of our file-transfer protocol (FTP) and an automatic file upload process.

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