January 12, 2018

A Load of Info on Freight

Quotes turn into sales, and a sale means something has to be delivered. The cost of freight is an important part of the quoting process. In this article, we discuss the useful freight estimator tool built into the AQ application for dealers and reps, as well as the importance of manufacturers supplying freight data.

For dealers and reps: Company options, using the freight estimator within AQ.

The AQ application offers the following transportation companies for freight estimates:
ReTrans Freight
Group Transportation Services
DM Transportation
CH Robinson Worldwide
Advanced Transportation Systems
Premier Freight

To use the freight estimator:

1) Within a project’s spreadsheet, click on the Freight tab

2) Select the preferred carrier from the drop-down list located in the ribbon at the top of the Freight window – located directly left of the UPS Credentials button.

3) Log In to the freight carrier using the account credentials provided by the carrier. (The Log In button is located within the Freight Estimator on the right side of the bottom panel.)

4) Click on a row within the Mfr list to calculate the freight for that item. The freight costs appear inside of the Freight Estimator.

5) Select any Accessorial Charges required for the shipment. The list of options is located just to the left of the Freight Estimator on the lower right. (Accessorial charges are amounts billed for additional, supplemental or special services provided beyond shipping an item from point A to point B.)

6) To apply a freight quote to a selected item, double-click on a freight estimate located in the Freight Estimator. You’ll see the Freight Net and Carrier columns in the Freight sheet for the selected item filled in with the estimate from the Freight Estimator.

Note: If the manufacturer is paying freight (free on board – FOB – destination), the Free Freight column for that item will already be checked.

For our manufacturers: Supplying freight data

As a manufacturer, you should supply your content account manager with the information necessary to calculate a freight estimate: an item’s ship from address (free on board – FOB – shipping point), weight and freight class. Without this important data, a dealer or rep may bypass your products. Please note that AutoQuotes doesn’t publish dimensional weights; we publish full-case shipping weights only. The freight classes should reflect the standard classifications for a general customer.

You can work with your content account manager to publish multiple FOBs – shipping point addresses in the AQ Catalog in lieu of the standard single default FOB. You can set up multiple FOBs when shipping individual models, categories, brands, or broader groupings from different locations. If you ship from multiple locations but are not sure which FOB is standard, there is an option to assign it as “Must Verify FOB.” You can assign only one FOB to each model number. If you are paying freight (FOB – destination) for any products, please let your content account manager know.

So, for our customers – dealers, reps and manufacturers – check out the freight data and options available within AQ. It will help you deliver better service to your customers.

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