December 6, 2017

Find That Perfect Product with Spec Search

With Spec Search, you can search a product’s specifications in addition to the model number, manufacturer, brand, category and properties. This is useful when trying to match your customer’s material, design and finish needs.

To help you better utilize this feature, AutoQuotes recently moved the Spec Search button from the Search Bar into the Top Ribbon with an Enabled and Disabled option. Here's how it works:

  • The Spec Search button is located on the top ribbon of the Catalog screen.

Spec Search on the top ribbon

  • By default, Spec Search is disabled. Click on the drop-down to enable the feature.

Spec Search drop-down button

  • Now, when you enter a search term, the search will also look at the Specifications section of a product in addition to the model number, manufacturer, brand, category and properties.

Let's look at an example to show you the power of Spec Search. Let’s say the front-of-house motif of your customer’s restaurant is brass, and they're looking for brass mugs.

  • Let’s see what happens with Spec Search Disabled. A search for "Brass Mug" gives the following results:

Spec Search Disabled results for a brass mug

  • The returned results are just two mugs, both porcelain. What happened? Without Spec Search, AQ searches by model number, manufacturer, brand, category and subcategories. The search term “brass” shows up only within the brand name of these mugs, "Brasserie."

(Note: Brand is found in the filter panel located on the left side of the Catalog screen.)

  • Now, let's rerun this search with Spec Search Enabled. Here are the results:

Spec Search Enabled results for a brass mug

  • In these results, 20 products are returned, including the two Brasserie mugs from the first search. The 18 new results all have either a brass handle or brass finish.

(Note: Leaving Spec Search Enabled can return more than the desired amount of results when used with broad search terms such as “pan.”)

We hope that as you use Spec Search, you find that it’s a powerful tool for locating the exact product that matches your customer's unique needs.

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