December 15, 2020

Enrich Your AQ Content with Two Key Data Points

Managing content across all of the systems where product data is stored might be like herding cats for manufacturers and dealers alike. Many AQ customers are already leveraging the AQ Products API we launched earlier this year to easily maintain consistency of product data across multiple business systems including eCommerce sites and ERP systems.

Residing in this API is all of the enriched content you currently list in AQ, plus additional data points your customers will have easy access to, such as MAP pricing and marketing descriptions. As a manufacturer, adding these two key pieces of data to AQ allows you to streamline product data management for you and your customers and maximize the value of AQ.

MAP pricing: This data is requested frequently by AQ subscribers. By providing your customers with the MAP pricing they want, in the same place they access your current pricing, spec sheets, CAD, Revit, and other product information, you’re not only streamlining the customer experience, you are further leveraging all of the capabilities of AQ when it comes to listing your content.

Marketing Descriptions: In addition to the AQ descriptions published in AQ, the marketing descriptions in the AQ Products API are your descriptions that mimic your online marketing product points. Effective marketing descriptions help you tell your product’s story and highlight the key value prop of which creates a seamless transference of product data while helping you maintain consistency in your data across all your sales channels.

Marketing Short Spec: Your abbreviated descriptions (approximate 300-character limit recommended).

Marketing Long Spec: Your extended marketing descriptions (approximate 1500-character limit recommended).

The value of including marketing descriptions in AQ is often overlooked, but a concise way to tell customers about how your product can solve a problem and differentiate it from other products in its category. (Need tips on how to craft compelling marketing copy? Check out our blog post with CFI Marketing here.) Please note that MAP pricing and marketing specs are not verified or edited by AQ, as they are directly imported into the AQ Products API.

Ready to send your MAP pricing and marketing descriptions to AQ? Email now. To expedite the process, the AQ Content Services team can provide you with a spreadsheet that includes your current model numbers and list prices, along with the MAP pricing, short spec, and long spec fields so you can quickly populate your data and send back to AQ.

If you’re ready to streamline your product data management process, connect with us at You can also check out our recent blog post that covers some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Jim Starr - Director – Content Services

Jim is the Director of Content Services at AutoQuotes. He joined Team AQ in 2017 with more than 15 years’ experience in organizational development. Outside of AQ, Jim and his wife have a wonderful son and enjoy going to the beach as often as possible.

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